TNI Alliance Hypnotherapy Training and Past Life Regression Training

There are hypnosis and regression courses that have been approved as appropriate prerequisites for LBL Training. These are a part of our Alliance Training Program.

Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy is regarded as advanced training in our profession. It is important to be qualified as an experienced Hypnotherapist and then as a Past Life Regression Therapist as the first two steps. These Hypnotherapy Training and Past Life Regression Training Courses are run by our Certified Members in their own businesses and align with the levels of training required to meet the prerequisites to become an LBL student of our organization.

Current ATP Course Listings


Hypnotherapy Training
Past Life Regression Training

Why an Alliance Training Program Approved Course?

The Alliance Training Programs are run by TNI Certified LBL Therapists. This means that your Hypnotherapy Trainer will have a deeper understanding of a model of the mind that embraces the superconsciousness. As students embark on a career in Hypnotherapy that may lead them towards becoming a TNI Certified LBL Therapist, it is really helpful to be groomed from the start by someone who understands the Michael Newton methodology.

Hypnotherapy Training

These Courses meet the minimum requirements of Hypnotherapy Training that include 150 Hours of formal training, at least 50% of which is face to face. The content includes how to undertake regression work and the release of trauma. This is important because many who will come for spiritual regression, may first require significant healing for this lifetime. 

Past Life Regression Training

These Courses meet the minimum requirements for Past Life Regression Training that is 50 hours, at least 50% is face to face. The path to other lives will include but not be restricted to the Newton Method of Regression. e.g. via Childhood memories and into the womb. This is important to learn first prior to Life Between Lives training to gain experience of what it is like to work outside of this lifetime and beyond the client who originally presents. 

Requirements for Approval as an ATP

As well as the requirements listed under Hypnotherapy Training and Past Life Regression Training, the provider of the Alliance Training Program must meet certain criteria for teaching experience and are bound by a formal document of understanding with The Newton Institute.


While The Newton Institute has approved these Alliance Training Programs for their content and the teaching background of the Facilitators, we wish to advise that these programs are not owned or run by our organization. We advise that we cannot be held responsible for the actions of the Facilitators themselves, or the quality of the teaching that goes beyond the program content approved by TNI.

Feedback on our ATP Courses

We welcome feedback on your experiences with the Alliance Training Program network. If you have feedback on these Hypnotherapy Training and Past Life Regression Training courses please contact

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