Oct 27, 2017 - Oct 30, 2017

Melbourne Australia – Institute of Hypnoenergetics ®
October 27th 2017 – 30th October 2017
Hypnoenergetics® for Past Life

This course focuses specifically on the exploration of the Spiritual Being, as a way to offer profound insights emanating from a client’s soul lineage. We learn to explore themes, release karmic patterns and uncover the immortal echoes that affect this incarnation.
This training covers all aspects of the use of hypnotherapy in an energetic context to access womb memory and specifically, past lives. Learn a myriad of healing and integrating techniques that facilitate profound release of past life patterns and insightful exploration of the soul lineage.

The course is structured to benefit both new and experienced hypnotherapists, as we draw on the methodology of the Four Dimensions of Hypnoenergetics®. A minimum of 200 hours of formal face-to-face training in Clinical Hypnotherapy with a Diploma/Graduate Diploma or Advanced Certificate qualification in hypnotherapy.
Each participant receives a comprehensive manual and following the submission of three case studies, can attain certification in Past Life Regression from the Institute of Hypnoenergetics®. Students will undertake their own regressions into past lives during this training under the guidance of the instructors.
This course is recommended as preparatory training for The Newton Institute’s Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy.

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