Living a Soul Centered Life

March 6, 2018, 6pm

Presented by Savarna Wiley MA CCHT

Living a Soul Centered Life

Would you like to live with more awareness of
your soul-self, your immortal nature?
Can hypnosis help?

Evidence of our consciousness existing before birth and continuing after death is all around us but often discounted. We are in a time that is calling for us to recognize this continuity more clearly. Near death experiences, pre-death visions and after death communications open a door to understanding. But coming to the end of life is not the only way to touch into this continuity. Pioneers of consciousness, such as Dr Michael Newton, found that deep states of hypnotic trance used in past life regression and in explorations of the life we live in between incarnations can also give a felt sense of ourselves as much more than the present body, mind and story that we are living.

As a Hospice Chaplain and Life Between Lives Hypnotherapist, Savarna Wiley shares how knowing ourselves more deeply as soul can enrich our days, lead us to live with more love and compassion and help us to come to the end of this life more fulfilled.

Come for evening of exploration into the “soulscape” so that we may more fully know that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Registration Information:

March 6th 6:00
Monterey, Ca
Location: Community Room
Audience age range: Adult
Admission cost: none
Reservations Needed: Yes
Contact person: Sirie Thongchua
Phone: (831) 646-5632
Email address:

This lecture is part of The Next Chapter: Designing Your Ideal Life Program Series.
Savarna Wiley’s Biography:

Savarna Wiley MA CCHT brings many years experience as an educator in spiritual life and healing. She served as a Hospice Chaplain for hundreds of hospice patients and families and now offers trainings for clergy and faith leaders about end-of-life issues. Savarna holds a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology and is a Clinically Hypnotherapist, Art Therapist and Holistic Health Educator. Expanding on traditional forms of hypnosis, Savarna trained with The Michael Newton Institute. Currently she is an Instructor in Life Between Lives Hypnosis for the Institute. Savarna appears with Raymond Moody in the Russian documentary On the Threshold of Eternity and is a contributing author to It’s a Wonderful Afterlife and the upcoming Wisdom of Souls ( due out in 2019).
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