May 11, 2019 - May 12, 2019

Diploma of Hypnoenergetics 5D

Introduction to Hypnoenergetics Certificate

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A Career Path in Consciousness…

Are you thinking about a career in the healing arts to serve a greater purpose?


We offer a career path that gradually builds over a number of years at your own pace and budget. As your career unfolds, you can become a Certified Hypnotherapist, specialising in Archetype Work and Past Life Regression, then a Quantum Consciousness Facilitator, then a Facilitator of Universal Consciousness or even a Life Between Lives Therapist.

You will be supported by professional associations, both local and overseas and from your first course of study become a member of The Consciousness Collective. This is an alumni group of previous graduates who will support you as a network of lightworkers who have come together to serve humanity through a collective purpose.

Our alliance of training organisations include the Hypnoenergetics Collective, The Institute for Quantum Consciousness and The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives.

Diploma of Hypnoenergetics 5D

At Hypnoenergetics Collective we offer Hypnotherapy training to people who are called to make a difference in the lives of others. Hypnoenergetics 5D is a form of Hypnotherapy that has been developed to embrace energy and consciousness and offers an approach that covers the Physical Presence, Emotional Landscape, Spiritual being and Energy Field. We take our clients beyond time and space to find the answers they seek across the full range of challenges they may face in life.

We are creating an emerging generation of practitioners who wish to approach people’s issues from a higher vibrational standpoint rather than chase down or relive trauma. We use a range of healing and exploring techniques based on the client’s hidden magnificence.

Rather than move into past traumas or difficulties, we use a number of powerful healing archetypes that come from within the client themselves. Archetypes have been used through history as ways to access the collective unconsciousness in order to heal. In the case of the client we access these archetypes from within themselves, as their own deep and profound connection to the collective of all there is.

These 5 Archetypes, The Wise Self, The Healed Self, The Authentic Self, The Messenger or an Ancestor bring healing through the application of different offerings of healing for Time Travel (visual), Story Telling (auditory) or Transformational State (kinaesthetic).

Where this work is fundamentally different from other hypnosis modalities is that we facilitate an experience for our clients that draws the best from them and gives it to them as a resource for all time. Those greater aspects of our client stay with them as ongoing resources to take forward into their lives in a way that empowers them and brings lasting change.

We create a learning environment that is open, supportive and deeply transformational. We believe in open communication and we bring a mix of personal reflection, group learning and experiential sessions together into an experience that can be life changing for our students. We encourage you to work with real challenges in your life as part of the learning process, so that when you in turn offer services to your clients in your practice, you know firsthand what is unfolding for them. Our integrity is based on the fact that what we offer to our clients, we have personally experienced for ourselves first.

Hypnoenergetics Collective offers the opportunity to build a career path in consciousness, through our initial trainings and the advanced programs of our partner organisations. Our graduates are able to join the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists as a Certified Hypnotherapist.

Diploma of Hypnoenergetics 5D

You will be supported by a teaching team who are also successful practitioners of many years standing, Darcel Mailloux, Kate Buncle and Peter Smith. View their full profiles on the website.

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