Oct 21, 2021 - Nov 21, 2021

Learn Hypnosis – Hypnotherapy Training Online

Dallas Hypnotherapy Training is now Live Online Interactive Hypnosis Training and is available in a LIVE Interactive format that emulates the Live In Person Training. Schedule your free Online Hypnotherapy Training Consultation with Mark over Zoom to learn more about this experiential Hypnotherapy Training.

Los Angeles Hypnotherapy Training OnlineDue to the of the last year, we have begun to teach hypnosis online. Many people offer online training that includes access to video recordings of them teaching. While this is one way to learn, you could just purchase the videos and learn at home on your own.

Good Vibes Hypnosis Training

  • Interactive Hypnosis Training includes 14 days of Live Online Interactive Hypnosis Training. See below for details.
  • Past Life Regression Training is a separate class that includes 6 days of Live Online Interactive Past Life Regression Training.

When you enroll in the Good Vibes Hypnosis Interactive Hypnotherapy Training you get 14 days of Hypnotherapy Training with Award Winning Hypnotherapy Instructor, Mark V Johnson. This training prepares you for the advanced Past Life Regression Training and for Life Between Lives Training through the Michael Newton Institute.

Some programs offer minimal training in hypnosis and rush the students into Past Life Regression Training. I have found that my students are better prepared for Past Life Regression Training as well as LBL Training, because they have a solid foundation in hypnosis. This helps them tremendously when it comes to working with Past Life and Life Between Lives clients.

Our Hypnotherapy Training is now LIVE Online Interactive Hypnosis Training, and that means we work with you Live Online, just like we have done with our In Person Training since 2011. This online Interactive Hypnosis Training provides you with the opportunity to use what you learn in class during online supervised practice sessions.

The classes are held over Zoom, which includes breakout rooms for the supervised practice sessions. Our students are excited to be able to learn hypnosis and to learn how to work with clients online from the very beginning of their training.

The Next LIVE Online Interactive Hypnosis Training begins October 21, 2021

We have worked with the Newton Institute to make changes to the Hypnosis Training requirements for Life Between Lives Training. The need for Live In Person Training is being suspended through 2021.

Live Online Interactive Hypnosis Training is Scheduled for:

Module 1 – October 12-24, 2021
Module 2 – November 4-7, 2021
Module 3 – November 18-21, 2021
Module 4 – Followup (14 hours) – TBA

This Live Online Interactive Hypnosis Training, when combined with Self-Directed Study, is accepted by the International Association of Counselors and Therapists for certification as a Certified Hypnotherapist. It is also accepted by the Newton Institute to qualify for their Life Between Lives Training.

Our Live Online Interactive Hypnosis Training starts with the basics of hypnotherapy and gradually builds on these concepts to move the student into more advanced hypnotherapy concepts.

Live Online Hypnosis Training Scheduling Information

For details about Live Online Interactive Hypnosis Training registration, scheduling, information about tuition and details about the early bird discount, please visit Live Online Interactive Hypnosis Training.

More information about Good Vibes Hypnosis, training dates and tuition is available at Hypnotherapy Training. Additional training information is included below.

When you enroll in this Good Vibes Dallas Live Online Interactive Hypnotherapy Training, you will be presented with live hypnosis demonstrations with real life clients and video case studies that provide students with additional opportunities to learn how to work with clients. Students gain hands on experience during supervised practice sessions. Students learn to work with common challenges such as stress, anxiety and smoking cessation.

Learn a variety of inductions to guide your client into hypnosis, different types of hypnotic suggestions, working with the inner child and interactive processes that maximize your success when working with clients.

To discover more about the Good Vibes Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Training, continue reading or check out Live Online Interactive Hypnotherapy Training where there are additional details about the online classes. When you are ready, you can register for the training and learn hypnosis with Good Vibes Hypnosis Training.

Students begin hypnotizing each other online during Module 1 and many spend time working with family and friends as well as other students outside of class. Learning to work with clients online provides the students with more opportunities to work with a variety of different people, even if they are not in their local area. It is important to get started using what you learn in your Live Interactive Hypnotherapy Training because working with others is like going to graduate school.

This is the same Basic and Advanced Hypnotherapy Training that has been taught in Dallas, Phoenix, Nashville, Chicago, Atlanta and Houston. When the dust settles, Good Vibes Hypnosis Training has plans to offer this training in Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Albuquerque.

Live Interactive Hypnotherapy Training Certification

Upon completion of Good Vibes Hypnosis Live Online Interactive Hypnotherapy Training and additional self directed study, you will receive your IACT Hypnotherapy Certification as well as your first year of membership with the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT).

Our students have traveled from various locations for our Hypnotherapy Training in Dallas, Phoenix, Nashville, Chicago, Atlanta and Houston. Now that our training is available online, our training is available to people across the country and around the world.

Dallas Hypnotherapy TrainingYour instructor is Second Generation Hypnotherapist Mark Johnson. Mark was surprised when he discovered that The International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT) selected him as the IACT Educator of the Year for his work teaching Hypnotherapy in 6 different locations across the country. Mark’s students, friends and colleagues were not surprised at all since they agree 100% with the association. He began teaching Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression in 2011 and became a Life Between Lives Instructor in 2014.

Schedule your free Online Hypnotherapy Training Consultation with Mark over Zoom to learn more about this experiential Hypnotherapy Training.

To register or for more information please visit Live Online Interactive Hypnotherapy Training where you can Contact Mark by email or give him a call at 214-432-6624.

The Newton Institute Alliance Training Program has approved this Good Vibes Hypnosis Live Online Interactive Hypnotherapy Training to qualify the student for Life Between Lives Training with the Newton Institute.

Additional Training Locations

Albuquerque • Asheville • Austin • Baltimore • Boston • Charleston • ChicagoColumbus • Denver • Des Moines • Detroit •
El Paso • Fort Lauderdale • Houston • Indianapolis • Jacksonville • Las Vegas • Los Angeles • Louisville • Memphis •
Milwaukee • Nashville • Orlando • Philadelphia • PhoenixPortland • Richmond • San Antonio • San Diego • San Francisco •
San Jose • Seattle • Tampa • Tucson • Virginia Beach • Washington • Wichita

This Live Online Hypnotherapy Training is presented by Good Vibes Hypnosis Training Center which is not licensed by the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). Good Vibes Hypnosis Training Center has received an exemption from TWC, E-4434, and is allowed to teach this class in Dallas.

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