Apr 17, 2020 - Dec 20, 2020

Regression & Womb-work Hypnotherapy Training

HM Life Coaching & Training, Malaysia

April 17, 2020 – Dec 20, 2020

17th – 19th April; 4th-6th July; 29th – 31st July; 24th – 26th August; 30th October – 1st November; 18th – 20th December

To register: Dr. Teoh HM PhD teoh@hypnosismalaysia.com or 603 7806 5171

This is a highly specialized course that provides the training and experience for those who wish to practice regression hypnotherapy and specialize in age, womb, past life regression. Completion of this course meets the pre requisites requirements for Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapy.

Upon completion of this training and required practice and course work you will receive Regression & Womb-work Certification as well as the eligibility to apply as a member with International Association of Counselors and Therapists.

Your Instructor Dr Teoh HM PhD is the Certified Trainer for The Michael Newton Institute, Certified Instructor for GHR (UK), Master Hypnotherapist, LBL Therapist and contributing author to Memories of the Afterlife.

This course focuses specifically on the exploration of the Spiritual Being, as a way to offer profound insights emanating from a client’s soul lineage. Upon completion, student will know, through PLRT & Womb work Therapy, how to assist the client in exploring themes, releasing karmic patterns and uncovering the immortal echoes that affect this incarnation.

The course is structured to benefit both new and experienced hypnotherapists, as we draw on the methodology of the Four Dimensions (*) of Human Existence.
For more information or to register, please email Dr. Teoh at unseratoz@gmail.com

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