Sep 19, 2021 - Sep 24, 2021

Transpersonal and Spiritual Hypnotherapy Certification

September 19-24, 2021


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Basic, Intermediate and Integrative Hypnotherapy
Somatic Hypnotherapy
Gestalt Therapy
Parts Therapy
Ancestral Healing

Get two LBL certified instructors for the price of one! This training celebrates the artistry of client centered, integrative hypnotherapy by supporting student’s innate gifts, and showing you how to optimize your hypnotherapy practice for success.

Your instructors have a combined 16 years experience in the field of integrative and regression hypnotherapy, and over 30+ years in the wellness field.

In this course, you will receive:

  • A comprehensive understanding of client centered best practices.
  • Small Group Instruction
  • Live Hypnotherapy Demonstrations
  • Supervised Experiential Sessions
  • Instruction from basic through advanced integrative hypnotherapy techniques (inductions, deepening, Gestalt therapy, parts therapy, somatic hypnotherapy self hypnosis, regression, ancestral healing, and much more!). In this training you will experience of client and practitioner to get the whole view of the client centered hypnotherapy experience.
  • Course Manuals
  • Intake, History and Release Forms
  • Scripts for a complete session, stress management, weight loss program, tobacco cessation, inner critic work, ancestral healing, Gestalt, parts therapy, regression (childhood, womb, and past life) Case Work Reviews (submitted after courses are complete) and more.
  • Certifications:
    Student IACT Membership (we pay for your student membership, giving you the option to inexpensively upgrade upon certification)
  • Access to a community and online forum of other trained hypnotherapists
  • Optional mentorship once coursework is complete

Who are Our Courses Right For?
Life Coaches, Alternative Health Practitioners, Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs, Therapists, Yoga Teachers, Reiki Practitioners, Energy Healers, Medical Professionals or anyone else who has considered hypnosis and wants to be in service in this way, this course has been specifically designed with you in mind. If you have the desire to be of service to humanity, this heart-centered training is for you!

What are Our Courses About?
We offer a holistic, client-centered, integrative training program designed to bring about effective change and empower the individuals you work with. You will be trained in basic and advanced techniques that provide you with the necessary skills to be a successful certified hypnotherapist. The courses were created with you in mind and they will help you to help your clients blossom through personal transformation. You will receive scripts and techniques for offering hypnosis for weight loss, smoking cessation, pain management, self confidence, inner critic, fears, womb regression, childhood regression, past life regression and more.

Techniques taught include Inductions, Deepeners, Parts Therapy, Gestalt, Ancestral Healing, Regression, and more.

Advanced Clinical, Transpersonal, integrative and Regression Hypnotherapy Certifications are Available.

Course II offers an exciting Introduction to spirit realm regression techniques. This establishes the skill needed for Life Between Lives Therapy at the Newton Institute.

Your Instructors:
Nora Yolles-Young and Jennifer Catlin are both certified hypnotherapy instructors through IACT and certified LBL practitioners through the Newton Institute. Nora comes from a background as an archaeologist/anthropologist and has studied a variety of energy work healing modalities.

Jennifer Catlin has her Master’s degree in school psychology and has extensively trained and studied in mindfulness practice.

As dedicated practitioners and instructors, we bring a unique and effective approach to our teaching, where we develop excellence and artistry in our students so that they will be ready to contribute to the greater wellness of the clients they serve. We look forward to working and sharing with you!

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