Andrew Reay

General Information


    Melbourne, Frankston

  • HypnosisSoul in Frankston provides a comfortable easy to find location for your personal universal journey.
  • Thinkshift Psychotherapy Clinic , 10 Whitford Way

    Frankston, Victoria 3199

  • Australia

  • Phone: 0433273799

Practice Description

HypnosisSoul provides wonderful spiritual journeys to people who are ready to experience  Life Between Lives Spiritual Integrations, based on the work by Dr Michael Newton.

Andrew's passion for spiritual and transpersonal hypnosis has been the driving force behind his studies from the 1980's: Masters Degree in Metaphysics, Life Between Lives with the The Newton Institute in 2010, Past Life Regression with The Academy of Transformational Psychotherapy and the Holistic Healing Centre, New York, USA in 2010.

Andrew from HypnosisSoul would love to facilitate your unique spiritual journey.



  • English


Andrew specializes in past life regression, spiritual integration and transpersonal
growth and transformation. 

Transpersonal Counselling:

Master and Bachelor of Metaphysics, Qualified Jungian Astrological Counsellor
(Chiron Center), Past Life Regression Therapist (New York Centre of Holistic
Healing); Life Between Lives Spiritual Integration (The Newton Institute), Quantum Consciousness Facilitator

Professional Associations:

Michael Newton Institute (MNI)    |   Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists (AACHP)  |  The Australian Counselling Association (ACA) 


Masters in Counselling – Monash University, Diploma
of Professional Counselling, Diploma
of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Diploma
of Ego State Therapy, Magnetista
Emeritus, Mesmerismus Techniques Practitioner, NLP
Practitioner, Time
Line Practitioner, Interactive
Drawing Technique


Aid Level Two, Shiatsu, Reiki
– Level I & I, Meridian
& Energy Therapies Practitioner, EmoTrance
Practitioner, EFT
Practitioner, Energy
Meditation Practitioner.

Andrew is also a certified Hypnotherapist in clinical, spiritual and
transpersonal hypnotherapy. Andrew commenced his hypnotherapy studies in 1995
and has extensively added to those studies.

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