Betty McCormack

General Information

  • Main Phone 616.884.3007
  • Alternate Phone 616.884.3007


  • Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • United States

  • Phone: 616.884.3007

  • Sarasota, Florida

  • United States

  • Phone: 616.884.3007

Practice Description

  Please call me to check on my available dates in your area. 



  • English


Certified in Psychic Development; Certified in Mediumship & Channelling; Certified in Kabbalistic Path Working

Certified Esoteric Healing Practitioner with the Institute of Bioenergy Studies-Dr. Barbara Briner, D.O.

Certified Hypnotist with the National Board of Hypnosis Education & Certification

Omni Hypnosis Training Center Designated Certified Hypnosis Instructor

Certified Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists

Certified Past Life Regressionist with The Weiss Institute - Dr. Brian Weiss, M.D.

Certified Life Between Lives Regressionist with The Newton Institute

Esoteric Astrologer with the DK College of Denmark.
Betty is an Intuitive Medium specializing in the Higher Realm of Spirit. Extensive background in hypnosis as a facilitator and instructor. Developed Higher Realm Hypnosis; Grief Hypnosis; and Ultimate Past Life Journeys. Instructor in hypnosis and past life regression.
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