Caroline Kasputtis

General Information

  • Main Phone 1300 850 774


    Born Success

  • Suite 2 , 174 High Street

    Ashburton, Victoria 3147

  • Australia

  • Phone: 1300 850 774

Practice Description

I can empower you to live true to your authentic deeper soul self..

By using Life Between Lives therapy I can assist you to know who they are beyond your physical self..

This re connection back to who you truly are gives profound answers and wisdom about your current life... I can also assist you to live from your deeper self and help remove barriers in being able to do so..

Please contact me with any questions you have.



  • English


Certified Past Life Regression Therapist
Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapy, The Newton Institute
Quantum Consciousness Facilitator
Diploma of Applied Clinical Hypnotherapy,
Graduate Diploma in Psychology
Clinical Supervisor
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