Colin Stallard

General Information

  • Main Phone 44 (0) 1702 432186
  • Alternate Phone 44 (0) 7806 961697


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  • Apartment 4, Ravenscourt , 8 The Leas

    Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex SS0 7SY

  • United Kingdom

  • Phone: +44 (0) 1702 432 186

  • Alternate Phone: 07806 961 697

    Location Name

  • 1 Royal Bay Apartments , La Rue Horman

    Grouville Jersey, JE3 9EJ

  • United Kingdom

  • Phone: 01534 515451

  • Alternate Phone: 07806 961 697

Practice Description

Multidimensional Guidance and Healing of the Soul and Mind ...


As a practising Mahayana Buddhist Colin blends prayer, compassion and empathy with several disciplines to bring relief to clients suffering dis-ease of Body, Mind and Spirit.


Those in the grip of the various depths of depression will find kindness, understanding, answers and amazing change in their perception and experience of life.


Others will find explanations and realisations from earlier times and perhaps lives long past giving new meaning and understanding to their relationships and life’s challenges.


The cause of fears, whether shallow, deep rooted or phobic can be understood and released as can 'attachments'.


Skills and desires may be enhanced whilst habits and compulsions are able to be controlled or eliminated. Personalised support tapes for improvement and change can be provided.


… and much, much more …



  • English


B.MSc., Dip.C.H.H., Dip.Hyp.(Adv), Cert.P.L.R., E.F.T., L.B.L.T.

Therapy in the areas of Psycho-Analysis / Spiritual Guidance / Past, Inter & Future Life Research /  Karmic Issues / Soul Rescue / Entity Release / Liberation from Grief, Guilt, Anger, Fears, Terror & Sadness / Hypnotherapy / Metaphysical Psychotherapy / Depression Relief / Kindness, Compassion & LOVE ...

Retired  M.A.P.H.P.(Acc), M.N.R.P.C.(Acc)

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