Danijela Gajic

General Information



  • Gadami Institute
  • Pozarevac, 12000

  • Serbia

  • Phone: 00381 64 36 39 399

Practice Description

Danijela Gajic is the Founder and Director of Gadami Institute, where she researches and facilitates different healing modalities.
She implements in her work the latest researches in quantum physics and transpersonal psychology, together with wisdom from ancient traditions and spirituality. She is interested in new methods for evolving of consciousness. Her goal is to shift the borders of understanding the human consciousness and its potentials, by blending science and spirituality.
The healing, transformational and evolutionary potentials of LBL experiences are the focus of her work. She helps her clients to make an inner transformation and to raise to a new level of consciousness.
Danijela regularly presents her work at various scientific conferences.



  • English

  • Croatian

  • Serbian


Certified Life Between Lives Therapist, The Newton Institute
Certified Past Life Regression Therapist, New York, USA
Certified Hypnotherapist ( Transpersonal Hypnotherapy ), New York, USA
Certifed by The IACT ( International Association of Counselors and Therapists )
Certified Memento Processor
Certified Reconnective Healing Therapist ( by Dr.Eric Pearl )
Certified Yoga Teacher (certified by International Yoga Federation )
Certified Homeopath ( London International College of Homeopathy )
Certified Reiki Master

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