Dr. Avis Attaway, L.M.F.T.

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  • 7177 Brockton Ave. , Suite 445

    Riverside, California 92506

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  • Phone: 951 682-7143

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As a psychologist and licensed psychotherapist, I bring over two decades of experience in dealing with human issues, especially trauma and attachment relationships. I see the impact and benefits of this in the depth of healing that comes out of the spiritual integration work that we are able to do using the LBL.  

There is a basic human need to find meaning in life, particularly at the individual level. When individuals resolve their traumatic experiences they frequently feel the pull of their soul to discover a deeper meaning to both their suffering and to their lives as a whole.  Identifying how we can contribute to the world and to human consciousness is a fundamental drive within souls who have evolved to recognize the spiritual path. Feeling a sense of purpose and discovering what is our mission creates meaning and the satisfaction that goes with this. 

Every one of us is hard-wired to desire a sense of belonging and significance.  The LBL provides the opportunity to experience that sense and then to carry that forward into the rest of one's life.  This work is truly a gift to those who take the journey, as well as to those of us who have been blessed with the opportunity to help guide that journey.



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I have a doctorate in Clinical Psychology, and have been licensed by the state of California as a Marriage & Family Therapist since 1997.  This license requires a Masters Degree which I received from Loma Linda University in 1994. My first book, The Image Maker: Transforming Your Life from the Inside Out is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Certified in Hypnotherapy by Dr. Eleanor Fields, 1999; Certified in Past Life Regression by IARRT, 2011; Trained in Spiritual Regression by TNI, 2011;  Certified in LBL by TNI, 2012.   
As a psychotherapist, I specialize in trauma and attachment, with a sensitive awareness of the individual's personal spiritual truth.

I have extensive training in The Comprehensive Resource Model  (CRM) - a mind-body approach to the treatment and resolution of PTSD and traumatic memories, as well as anxiety, depression, panic attacks and anger management, and including relational problems. CRM also effectively addresses performance enhancement in sports and the arts.

I have also successfully used EMDR for over 13 years for the treatment of PTSD.  As a shamanic practitioner, my practice also includes the use of Psych-k™, EFT, Emotion Code™, Theta Healing™ and Reiki (Master level).  I teach CRM, mindfulness, breathing, and the effective use of daily meditation.  

I am a Performance & Lifestyle Coach for entrepreneurs and executives, as well. I'm available for keynote speaking engagements and workshops.
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