Elisabeth Boonzaaijer

General Information

  • Main Phone 0031 30 6011016
  • Alternate Phone 0031 616801830
  • http://www.wavuluaa.nl


    Location Name

  • Location Description
  • Achterdijk 9-B

    Schalkwijk, 3998 NE

  • Netherlands

  • Phone: 0031 30 6011016


  • In the landscape outside the city near Houten, Utrecht and close to the river Lek
  • Achterdijk 9 B

    Schalkwijk, Utrecht 3998 NE

  • Netherlands

  • Phone: +31 306011016

  • Alternate Phone: +31 616433916

Practice Description

Wavuluaa (translated as: Water from Fire, Air from Earth)is a Shamanic, Spiritual, Therapeutic Centre in the middle of The Netherlands. Between the farmers and close to the river. I work with people here for over 30 years with a lot of different possibilities. Beside the therapeutic ways also the creative work with painting, wood carving and sculpture of stone. Outside in the garden or inside in different places we can work, also with the Medicine Wheel and the Tipi.



  • English

  • German

  • Dutch


Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapist

Life Between Lives Therapist and Coach

Shamanic Healer

As a Past Life and Spiritual Regression therapist I lead people into the different realities for deep insights and healing.

From insights that we are all connected, it is helpful to work with tools as:

Shamanism and Healing

Inner Child work

Voice Dialogue

Family Constellations

Intuitive Creative Development

I am grateful to work since many years, on this way with people on a deeper soul level.



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