Gayle Barklie CCHT, MFC

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    Maui, Hawaii (808) 344-5688

  • Maui, Hawaii

Practice Description


In 1991, Gayle Barklie founded Soul Purpose Maui, a spirit-based, transpersonal therapy practice. Gayle assists you in discovering your unique life path by transforming subconscious thought processes and inner blocks from this life, as well as past and between life experiences.

Ultimately, this work allows your natural abilities to shine through, empowering you to do what you’re meant to do with confidence, clarity, trust and joy.

Gayle Barklie earned dual Master of Arts degrees in Marriage and Family Counseling as well as Clinical Art Therapy degree from Loyola Marymount University in California. She has been in practice for nearly 30 years as a counselor, contemplative life journey guide and transpersonal hypnotherapist.

Additionally, Gayle received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1989 from Art Center College of Design in California and is a prolific artist.

One of the eight sacred vortexes (“ley lines”) is located on Maui.  Making a journey to Maui awakens you to this heart-energy frequency, assisting in deeper levels of your profound inner discovery.

Gayle is available in person and virtually. 



  • English


Hypnotherapist CCHT
Past Life Regression
Life Between Lives
Animal Assisted Psychotherapy 
Art Therapy
Relationship Counseling, MFC
Equine Asisted Psychotherapy 

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