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  • United Arab Emirates

  • Phone: +971507953716

Practice Description

“Life is all about choices and perspectives and choices based on those perceptions.”- Indrani Sinha 

The above lines are true for Indrani’s journey into exploring Clinical Hypnotherapy, Trans-Personal Regression Therapy, Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy, Shamanism and the study of the human mind. Like most of us, experience traumas, challenges and trials in life that shake us up, Indrani had
her fair share of them too.
These experiences pushed her out of her comfort zone to question, seek and find awareness in various philosophies that govern the human existence. While doing so, her moment of epiphany was the realization that she could utilize herself to enable other souls in this journey of life to get more in tune with their true nature. ‘Healing of the Self’ is at the core of what Indrani practices and flows through
every modality she has to offer to the universe.

Indrani’s career has been diverse with experience across different sectors and
functions. She is a Post Graduate, B.A. and B. Ed with more than 30 years of
extensive experience in Communication, Franchise – Principle Management, Event Management, Sales & Marketing of Automobiles, Concept Sales, Education & Training, and Customer Care. Working with human capital is at the core of what Indrani practices. She has been a freelance trainer and coach since 1995. Indrani has conceptualized, organized and conducted various Self Development and Personality Enhancement Programs, Theatre Workshops in numerous Wellness Centers, Clinics, Multi-National Companies and Educational Institutions in UAE, India, Egypt, Bangladesh, Oman & Nepal.
Indrani has over 30 years of experience across Transport, Car Rental, Education
and Media. Her core functions include Marketing, Training, Communication and
Indrani has also been actively involved in social impact projects offering her
expertise in fundraising, communication and programmatic interventions.
She has established her own consultancy in UAE as a Lifestyle Consultant in the
summer of 2015 under the name of Indrani Sinha Seth Consultancy. She is the
wellness coach and senior consultant hypnotherapist with Miracles Dubai since
2016. Her decade plus expertise in multi-modality therapies enable clients from
any age bracket, ethnicity and culture, to access her from across the globe as she
works through online platform as comfortably as in person.

Indrani’s Value System


Indrani maintains complete confidentiality and integrity with every client. She believes that the basis for every journey into healing is on mutual trust and always honors this.

With each one of us being so unique in nature, so are the challenges and experiences of our journey into healing. Indrani always takes the time to deep dive into understanding the specific background of a particular client. The healing modalities and therapy intervention plan is then mutually agreed based on that.
She carries the same personalized approach into her facilitated programs and workshops.

Indrani does not come from a position of having an upper hand in being instrumental to someone’s healing and therapy. She believes she is only a mirror to her clients, using which they can clearly see their inner self. This knowledge, awareness and acceptance of the inner-self is what will enable a client to make necessary changes in themselves and their surroundings to see the results they desire. In her programs and workshops she considers herself a channel of learning and understanding, acceptance and acknowledgement,a mirror for herself and others as learning and evolving is a two way process and she believes each experience is for the participant and facilitator an empowering one.

Indrani’s life journey has been a beautiful balance between her growing roots in her quest for spirituality and branching into diverse avenues in the corporate sector and educational environment. She carries with her lessons from these spaces, using which she designs practical approaches for clients belonging to different realities. Every workshop and therapy session carries this sense of balance which makes it easy to experience, apply and integrate into one’s life.

Indrani is a firm believer of self-discipline when one is on the path to change. Despite roadblocks, challenges and discomfort one may experience, she urges her clients, students and participants at her programs to be disciplined and not take the easy way out. Indrani commences the journey with a mutual understanding and agreement of this value in mind.
To encounter and be aware is a blessing…to sustain the momentum and evolve to your best self is the key to happiness!

“What your inner Self knows, takes the outer Self Time to understand, and that journey of Time teaches you the Rules of Life.” ~ Indrani Sinha 

Anywhere and Everywhere

Along with in person sessions, I am facilitating Global Online Sessions  - Offering video to video sessions through Zoom and Botim (a free application).

Social Media Presence

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- Life Between Lives - Hypnotherapy For Spiritual Regression
- Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy
- Trans - Personal Regression Therapy
- Past Life Regression
- Inner Child Healing
- Spiritual Hypnosis
- Shamanic Healing
- Cognitive Behavior Therapy
- Emotion Management Technique
- Organisational Constellation
- Crystal Therapy
- Gastric Mind Band
- Art Therapy

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