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PhD, licensed clinical psychologist for 50 years, prior to his retirement  4/19, worked in an out-patient psychiatric clinic offering psychotherapy to adults representing a wide array of problems: relationships, stress, anxiety, depression, grief, addictions, marital, divorce, abuse. After receiving his PhD from University Wisconsin-Madison in 1968, he did a 2-year post-doc at Psychological Services, University of California-Riverside (east of LA), then continued doing psychotherapy and directed the doctoral-level APA-Approved internship program for the second 2 years thereafter . After serving as Director of Training for the Residence Life program at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, along with teaching and working in the Counseling Center for 3 1/2 years, he started  the Community Mental Health Clinic in Stevens Point as Director (for 17 years), eventually creating a doctoral level Clinical Psychology Internship program which became APA-Approved. From 1994 until 3/19 he worked as a clinical psychologist at the Department of Psychiatry of a large medical facility.





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 Dr. Cleve began continuing education training in the late 1960s in California, starting with Gestalt Therapy, a here-and-now oriented therapy focusing on subjective awareness, muscle tension, breathing, kinesthetic sensations, to expand awareness for promoting change. He followed up the two years of training in LA with another 1 1/2 years of training in Milwaukee in the 1970s and then two week-long Gestalt training programs in Santa Barbara, CA, in 2015 and 2016. While in California he also received training in Bioenergetics and the Alexander Technique.

     While in Wisconsin he completed a 2-year program in family therapy through the Psychiatry Department at University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison, and has had about 15 workshops in marital and family therapy with nationally recognized teachers/practitioners. He has also had extensive training in projective drawing theory and the Rorschach Ink Blot test.

     In 1988 he became certified in Mari-El, an off-shoot of Reiki, and years later received more training and became a Reiki Master. This occurred after a 3-year training program in energy work for which he became certified as an Master Energy Practitioner. He attended 8, 4 to 7 day energy training programs through Dalphi University outside Atlanta, and in one program reaching level VI in RoHan techniques, and completed training in Matrix Energetics with Richard Bartlett. Concurrent with his first 3-year energy training program he completed a 3-yerar shamanic program and became certified as a Light Body Worker. He received two more years of shamanic training, received initiations and transmissions in two, 2-week trips to Peru working with the Qero (the last of the Inkas), and another 2-year program completing his training as a mesa carrier. He then completed a third shamanic program of 4 years. During that time received training in the sacred pipe, sweat lodge, and medicine wheel from Sun Bear on the mountain outside Spokane, WA.

     In 1986 he completed his first hypnosis training in a one and one half year program with Steve Gilligan, PhD, and Paul Carter, PhD, outside of Milwaukee. In 2005 he completed a 3-year hypnosis training program near Seattle, WA, which included breathwork and hypnodrama. In  1996 he received 6 days of pastlife training with Brian Wise, MD, in 2005 became certified as a between lifetime regressionist  practitioner through the Newton Institute, and in March, 2019 became certified through Delores Cannon's Quantum Hypnosis Healing program..

     Welcome. I am continuing to do LBLs and PLRs in Stevens Point, WI and select clients in Madison, WI, by arrangements. By way of introduction, let me review relevant training: I have been a PhD licensed clinical psychologist since 1970, first in California and then in Wisconsin. My LBL training was in 2006 and I was certified thereafter. In the mid-'80s I did 1 1/2 years in a hypnosis training program conducted by Steve Gilligan, PhD, and Paul Carter, PhD (from California); 2 weeks of other hypnosis workshops with Steve Lankton, MSW, and Carol Langton, PhD, and with Richard Olney, MA; a day (Madison) and week-long (Chicago) programs in pastlife regression with Brian Weis, MD, in 1988; and completed a 3-year hypnosis training program (which included hypnodrama, and breath work) outside Seattle which ended in 2006, with David Hartmann, MSW, and Diane Zimberoff, MS.

     In the 1970s in California I received 2 years of Gestalt Therapy training at the LA Institute with Drs. Simkin, Resnick, Martin, Rainwater, and the Institute staff, and work in bioenergentics (Drs. Kelleman and Darbonne) and some other body work approaches; and 4 months of Fair Fight Training for couples. While in Wisconsin I received two more years of Gestalt Therapy training with, among others, Laura Pearls, DS, Isidor From, John Enright, PhD, and Joseph Zinker, PhD; training in family and marital therapy with Peggy Pepp, PhD, Virginia Satir, MSW, and the Palo Alto group, among others (including 1 1/2 years with Carl Whitaker, MD); Transactional Analysis (Chicago) with Drs. Maurice and Natalie Heimuitz; and Neurolinguistic Programming (Big Sur, CA).

     I have received substantial training in subtle energetic healing: a 3-year program called Inner Focus-Energy Mastery with AlexSandra Parness, DD (Madison, WI); a 3-year program (Healing the Light Body) with Alberto Villoldo, PhD (RI and FL); a 3- year training program in multiple states with Rev. Ron Roth, PhD (and was ordained as a Spiritual Healer); workshops in MariEl healing (Madison); completed training in RoHun level IV (Albany, NY and New Orleans): Matrix Energetics (Minneapolis, Baltimore, Seattle) and became a Reiki Master (Milwaukee and Chicago).

      In the late '80s and early '90s I trained with Sun Bear, Wabun Wind, and their advanced apprentices on Vision Mountain outside of Spokane, WA, in the apprenticeship, medicine wheel, and Sacred Pipe programs. In the Advanced Sacred Pipe program I was trained and empowered to bless and awaken Sacred Pipes and was inducted into Sun Bear's lineage. I attended a program in Core Shamanism with Sandra Ingerman, MS, in 1988, and another several years later. I completed a 2-year Inka Medicine Wheel program (MN and MI) in 1996, and did two, 2-week trips to Peru to study with the Q'ero healers with Alberto Villoldo, PhD, received nemerous transmissions, and was initiated into the Q'ero lineage. And I completed a 4-year shamanic healing program with Oscar Miro-Quasada, MS, (MI) in 2000.

     Recently, in 2015 and 2016 I participated in two, week-long intensive training programs in Gestalt Therapy in Santa Barbara, CA. In 2018, I completed a 250 hour program that included 50 hours of clinical work, and became a Certified Spiritual Counselor. In 2019 I attended a week-long intensive and wrote up and submitted 25, three-hour past-life sessions I conducted with clients, and became certified at level I in Delores Cannon's Quantum Healing past life training program.

     I have published three books: Out of the Blues: From Depression to Renewed Vitality (CompCare, 1989) and Out of the Blues: Strategies that Work to Get You Through the Down Times (updated and expanded: Berkeley of New York, 1996) which has been published in German, Dutch, Chinese, and Russian; and Path of the Sacred Pipe: Journey of Love, Power, and Healing published by Quest Books in 2012. Publishers Weekly listed it as one of 29 books that year that presents a fresh and unique approach. I have completed two novels on the Holy Grail and am completing the first of two non-fiction books on the Grail. And I have two other psychology self-help books I completed, all of which I intend to eventually publish in the next year or two.

     From the beginning, I have always been holistic, and not clinical, in orientation. And of all the training I have received, I am most committed to the PLR and LBL work I do because of its potential for personal empowerment and opportunity for deep spiritual insights into life's lessons, deeper purpose, and meaning. My interest and training in energy work helps me follow energy and guide people into immediate inner experiences during their work. I strive to help clients have deep experiences and not simply get factual information. It is an exciting journey for me to partner up with fellow travelers and spiritual questors.

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