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    Denver, Colorado

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My journey has been in two tracks that existed side by side. One track was in the business world and the other was in developing a spiritual belief system. In the business world I was blessed with doing a number of interesting things. I worked for a national accounting firm and a national consulting firm before moving into health care. Once in the health care field I became a chief financial officer and then a chief executive officer of hospitals because I believed in the effort of making sick and hurting people better. Eventually I became an associate professor at a state university while working on my doctoral degree and taught for twenty years. I then started a service company whose primary focus was providing help to children with autism and other behavioral health needs.

Related to the life track in which I developed my spiritual beliefs, the beginning of my broader metaphysical viewpoint began when I saw Morey Bernstein's movie, "Bridey Murphy." It, of course, was about prior lives, involved hypnotism, and briefly mentioned Edgar Cayce. I was nine at the time. The seed lay dormant until I was a lieutenant in the Air Force at Andrews Air Force Base as a data automation officer. Another junior officer reintroduced me to Edgar Cayce. I made a trip to Virginia Beach to the A.R.E. headquarters, and I started reading everything of a metaphysical nature that I could get my hands on. Again life intruded and years passed until I had read Michael Newton's books on LBL, and I began my training in hypnotherapy, regression hypnosis, and hypnosis-facilitated LBL methodology. I have now moved on from the business track and am totally immersed in the track of helping people through prior life regression and LBL facilitation where people can meet their guides, other soul group members, and, quite often, other souls who have been important to them. My journey continues. I love the path that I am now on in helping people find their answers about their spiritual journey. 

I am currently not accepting new clients until August 2021. After this date if you are interested in setting up a regression or LBL session, please contact me through my website at



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Past member of the Advisory Board of The Newton Institute.

Past editor of The Newton Institute Journal, Stories of the Afterlife.

Financial advisor to The Newton Institute Board of Directors.

PhD in organizational behavior and individual decision making.

Credentialed for therapeutic hypnosis.

Credentialed under the Atlantic University in past life regression (PLR) for hypnotherapy in treating trauma-related issues from prior lives.

Credentialed by The Newton Institute in Life Between Lives (LBL) hypnotherapy.

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