Joanna Malinowska

General Information

  • Main Phone +61412092972


    Sydney CBD

  • Sydney City, opposite Wynyard Train Station
  • level 2 , 300 George Street

    Sydney, New South Wales 2000

  • Australia

  • Phone: 0412092972

Practice Description

Joanna is a Professional Hypnotherapist, Self-Hypnosis Teacher, Family Constellations Facilitator and LBL hypnotherapist.

Joanna provides hypnotherapy services in private sessions to overcome your fears, insecurities, emotional pain, negative thoughts, addictions, and unwanted habits and behaviors to create the desired change and to reach your goals. She is also teaching advanced self-hypnosis techniques in private sessions and small self-hypnosis classes.

Joanna also facilitates private sessions and workshops beyond traditional hypnosis and hypnotherapy: Family Constellations Work in the tradition of Bert Hellinger for healing relationship issues and restoring natural flow of love in human systems. And, of course, Life Between Lives spiritual regression, as described on this pages.

All the above approaches are in fact based on one principle, that we are much more than just a body and human mind, so each time any work is done, it is always based on using resources of our whole being, and working on what needs to be done, what the client is willing and ready to do and to learn.  



  • English

  • Polish


Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Counselling

Certificate IV in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Certified LBL Therapist

Clinical member of Australian Hypnotherapists Association

Professional member / supervisor Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists

Family Constellations Facilitator, member of International Systemic Association (ISCA)

Life between Lives Hypnotherapy

Past Life Therapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Self-hypnosis Teacher

Systemic Family Therapy

Zywia Energy Healing

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