Jonathan Yorks

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  • 1193 Walnut St. , Suite 8

    Newton Highlands, Massachusetts 02461

  • United States

  • Phone: 617-875-6686

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My practice is focused on Clinical and Spiritual Regression Hypnosis, Therapy, & Counseling for those who seek a spiritual understanding to their lives and the conditions affecting them.  I blend my background in psychology with my expertise as a regression therapist to help my clients grow through the resolution and healing of karmic conditions.  I'm a California licensed psychotherapist and certified hypnotherapist (NGH). I've had a private practice in Newton, Massachusetts, US, since 2005, whose mission is to help souls discover their uniqueness through life times and awaken to their divine nature and spiritual journey they are on.  

It would be a pleasure to hear from you.  

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Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT
Clinical Hypnotherapist, CHt
Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist
Life Between Lives Hypnotherapist

Spiritual Counselor - helping my clients see their lives through their spiritual eyes and think through their spiritual minds as souls.

Soul-Self Psychology: Spiritual Existentialism; the Soul is the mind of the human self that operates through 4 dimensions of Self-experience, the One Self, Divine Self, Creator Self, & Neural Self. Each dimension relates to a qualitative field of Self through which a soul can gain knowledge about its human life. When you learn about the 4 dimensions of your Self and how they are operate in your human life, you gain an informed awareness to make choices in life that will drive your growth and evolution as a Soul.
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