Kathleen Peters

General Information

  • Main Phone 270-929-5363
  • Alternate Phone 270-929-5363
  • http://thejourneyofasoul.com


    Location Name

  • Location Description
  • 3520 New Hartford Road, Suite 200

    Owensboro, Kentucky 42303

  • United States

  • Phone: 270-926-4880

    Fairhope AL

  • Near the beautiful Alabama beaches, Fairhope is a quaint town you will enjoy exploring before or after exploring your past life and interim life!
  • Alabama 36533

  • United States

  • Phone: 270-929-5364

Practice Description

Kathleen is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Master Hypnotherapist. She is trained as a Life Between Lives Therapist to take you on the spiritual journey of a lifetime!!



  • English


Marriage and Family Therapist 
Past Life Regressionist 
Life-Between-lives Facilitator
Life Coach
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