Kristina Le Claire

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    London Ontario Canada

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  • Phone: 519.697.8066

Practice Description

Kristina Le Claire began her journey with hypnosis in 2011 when a friend urged her to look into hypnotherapy for herself. Her brother had recently passed away and Kristina was looking for ways to deal with her pain in dealing with the loss. She had the opportunity to pursue many different healing approaches and very quickly realized the power in hypnotherapy.

Since then, she has worked and trained around the world including India, New York, and Seattle, as well as Cape Town, South Africa where she worked with prison inmates & sex workers in the process of changing their lives. It is her wish to bring hope to others, showing that anyone can change their life path, regardless of circumstances and to understand that the key in changing their lives is to believe anything is possible.

Her passion in life is helping people to understand the power they hold so they can also lead their ultimate lives. Hypnosis is a wonderful way to transform one’s beliefs, while past life, between lives and spiritual regressions are powerful ways to connect with and explore one's spiritual self.

Kristina uses a spiritual approach in all her sessions, working with her clients spiritual beliefs, guides and supports to assist them during their session to facilitate total healing. Here, we work with mind + body + soul + spirit for total and thorough inner healing and transformation.

Kristina offers in-person sessions along with online Zoom sessions for those living around the globe.

For further information please contact her by phone or text 519.697.8066 to book a complimentary consultation. You can also find her online at



  • English



Specializing in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, which focuses on a holistic mind + body + spirit approach

Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist
Certified Past Life Therapist
Certified Life Between Lives Therapist
Certified Spiritual Regressionist
Certified QHHT Levels 1 + 2

Womb Regression Sessions

Soul Retrieval Sessions

Meditation Sessions

Breathwork Sessions

Akashic Records Sessions

Core Transformation Sessions - Getting to the core of what you think you believe

Working with Alien Abduction Experiencers 

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) - trauma + grief + loss


Presenter + Speaker
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