Lynn McGonagill

General Information


    North Florida

  • Located in the rolling hills of North Central Florida.

Practice Description

A certified hypnotherapist located in North Florida, Lynn trained in LBL therapy in 2002 after years of using other methods to work in the between-lives states.  She has facilitated hundreds of LBL experiences and focuses on using LBL's power to create healing for the current life. She has developed unusually effective techniques that combine the power of energy work with the depth of experience straight hypnosis allows. 

In addition to her LBL therapy practice, Lynn is also the Founder and Teaching Channel for the Lightworkers Healing Method, a channeled system of angelically guided multi-dimensional energy healing for Soul purpose, that works under the direction of Guardian Angels. Lightworkers has as its purpose to bring people back into alignment with their Soul Plans, and can be applied to heal any aspect of life. Facilitators learn to engage with past lives and future lives to heal the present.  

Lynn has also founded The Angelic Initiative, an all-volunteer organization combining spirituality and activism.  The Angelic Initiative posts a long-running documentary series of spiritual activism on YouTube.  These videos show excerpts of healing sessions for Planetary Healing.  

She is the author of the Lightworkers Healing Method: BE Who Your Soul Wants You To Be, and her mission is to help all she comes in contact with to do exactly that. To BE who they came into a body to be and to LIVE the lives they came here to live - for this is the goal of life. She is skilled at facilitating the experience of future lives, concurrent lives, past lives and of course between lives. She focuses on accessing the power available in all these alternate states to heal the current life in all ways. 



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Lynn's passion is to support people of all types in living their own individual Soul Plans, and in fulfilling their destinies. With over 30 years' experience in facilitating altered-state connections to between-lives dimensions, Lynn uses many energy-healing tricks to supplement hypnosis. She laughs, "As the Angels say, it's okay to "cheat" in our efforts to reach up to God-By-Any-Name! The Angels want us to use all the tools at our disposal. Let's get up to the Higher Dimensions, and move forward on our Soul Plans!"
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