Mu Juan

General Information

  • Main Phone 18600696483
  • Alternate Phone 18600696483


    Bei Jing ,P.R.China

Practice Description

 Certified LBL hypnotherapist  the end of 2015

  Certified Past Life Regression hypnotherapist 2013

 Certified  Aroma-Genera Therapist 2012

Certified IFA Aromatherapist  2005

Others professional expierence:Case tracking and Study for about 20 years from baby to teenage.
11  years of  Psychology practice , specialist in infant to pre-school children .
Since 2005 I open up my own daycare. My goal is create a family orient mode for babes. In last two years we also running a parents school for parenting skill.
 We had almost 9 years of success operation.



  • Mandarin


LBL Spiritual Regression Therapist

Past Life Regression Therapist

Certified Master Hypnotist GHSC

Other specializations :
Drawing, music,Sandplay, Nonverbal body language, Satir family system, Family restructure,care-index Hellinger  family system,  Attachment, Klein object relations.

Language prefer in Mandarin
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