Rachelle Sewell

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  • Room 105, 109 Alexander Street

    Crows Nest, New South Wales 2065

  • Australia

  • Phone: 0422 931 611

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Often, what’s occurring around us is a reflection of what’s going on within us & using techniques from Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy & Spiritual Regression enables us to access and change what we hold inside…allowing the new reflection to flow into all parts of our lives; improving health, vitality & energy, mood & emotional stability, focus & goal achievement, motivation & success enhancement, improved relationships, increased financial rewards & much more.

Rachelle Sewell is a Kinesiologist, Regression Therapist, Master NLP Practitioner & Co-Founder and Channel for the RESONATE ESSENCES...vibrational tools used to change your state and raise your vibration...helping people around the world to grow & change more info at www.resonateessences.com 

Rachelle accesses the wisdom & insights from her own Near Death Experiences and her personal journey back to the Light in Soul State to support clients in their Past Life & Life Between Lives Regressions... as they rediscover the joy & wonder of their previous lives on Earth & the wonders of all that lies in between. 

Please contact Rachelle to discuss sessions at her clinic in Sydney, Australia



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Diploma of Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression & Life Between Lives certified.

Diploma of Kinesiology, trained in Journey work, NLP, Reiki & Energetic Healing.

Diploma of Kinesiology, 
Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy, 
Certified in Past Life Regression 
Certified in Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression (trained by the Newton Institute)
Creator & Trainer of Resonate Essences Practitioners 
Master Practitioner NLP Coach
Master Practitioner Positive EFT

Kinesiology courses studied include:
★ PKP Kinesiology & Goal Balancing
★ Neuro-Organizational Technique (NOT)
★ Primitive Reflexes
★ Kinergetics
★ Heart Healing
★ Candida Syndrome Rebalancing
★ Sabotage Clearing & Goal Enhancement
★ Living With Radiation
★ Shell & Coral Essences
★ Facial Asymmetry & Meridian Profile Rebalancing

Rachelle Sewell is passionate about working with others to access their innate healing potential & a deeper understanding of their life as an immortal soul. She weaves her knowledge and skills from many life changing modalities to facilitate shifts & changes at the level of consciousness for her clients. Call Rachelle today to discuss your questions regarding Life Between Lives sessions.
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