Rana Alnabulsi

General Information

  • Main Phone +962796500499


  • Based in Amman Jordan. Has experience with doing sessions all over the world with different nationalities in person or through Zoom (online).
  • Shawkat Alsati street

    Amman, 11821

  • Jordan

  • Phone: +962796500499

Practice Description

Individual Regression sessions: Child regreation - parts therapy – Womb – Clinical (Trauma).

Past life regreation and Life between lives regression sessions.

Rana is a dedicated therapist. She helps her clients to connect to their own higher selves with high respect to their entity and guides them to understand their own situation on a deeper level. She works to help them overcome their own challenges with this new knowledge and build up a new strategy to enhance different aspect in their lives.



  • English


Languages: English and Arabic.

Certified: Hypnotherapy - Parts - Child regression -Womb  Clinical (trauma) from Michael Newton Institute.

Certified: Past life regression PLR from Michael Newton Institute.

Certified: Life between life LBL From Michael Newton Institute.

Certified: Regression therapy With Child– Story telling

 Employs different techniques.

Certified: Quantum Touch - Core transformation. from quantum touch organizations USA.

-- level 1 A New Way
to Heal and Alter Reality.

-- level 2 The New Human
(How can we Inspire the body to heal).

Certified: Personal Relationship from Ithra Centre in Jordan.

-- level 1 Family connection.   

 -- level 2 Together we grow.

Certified: Advance Silent course from art of living (ASHRAM).

Certified: BA Interior design from Yarmouk university Irbid. Jordan.

Courses were attended in person.

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