Regina Rapelyea

General Information

  • Main Phone 540.737.4424
  • Alternate Phone 540.273.7795


    Location Name

  • Location Description
  • 138 Basalt Drive

    Fredricksburg, Virginia 22406

  • United States

  • Phone: 540.737.4424


  • English


Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, B.S., Psychology, M.S. Counseling, Ph.D. Metaphysics. Past Life Regression, LBL Therapy, Lecturing, teach metaphysics in English and Sign Language.  Support LBL Case summaries for Board Certification.  Writer for various publications and published "Wing of the Dove," 2001 thru IUniverse/Barnes and Nobles.  Writer of SoulyMe to be published thru LeftBridge Publishing in January 2021 regarding my spiritual journey.  A Clarident, advanced soul, communicate with the other side. Also, a Genealogist and incorporate this research into past life findings. Teach on-line classes in Spirituality nd Higher Self Learning.  Spiritual Mentor and Coach.

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