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  • #2 - 1718 Marine Drive

    West Vancouver, British Columbia V7V 1J3

  • Canada

  • Phone: (1) 604-741-7944

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  • Gibsons

    Sunshine Coast, British Columbia

  • Canada

  • Phone: 604-741-7944

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For the past 40 years I have been assisting people to transform their lives, first as a teacher in Moscow and now as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, with a specialty in Regression therapy,"Unexplainable Infertility", Past Life and "Life Between Lives" Spiritual regression therapy.

I know in my heart I did not choose to pursue a career in the field of Past life and Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy, it has chosen me.
My goal is to assist my clients in benefiting from their discoveries: to understand the choices and consequences they have made throughout their lives.

It never ceases to amaze me that even one PLR/LBL session can produce a profound insight into the life we live now.  I feel truly blessed and honored to do this work.

Rifa Hodgson merges logic with wisdom, reason with mystery, the mundane and the spiritual to achieve balance, clarity and a sense of the Inner Success.
In her practice “Adventure into Time and Beyond” she combines a deep, profound work with and element of Adventure. 
Rifa is one of charter members of The Newton Institute of Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy. 
She has been the first  therapist practicing LBL in Canada.
Rifa has been a Certified Instructor for TNI since 2009 

Learn more on Rifa’s website:  http://www.lifebetweenlives.ca



 Я Профессиональный Гипнотерапевт со специализацией в  следующих областях:

 Регрессивной и Реинкарнативной,  Пренатальной терапии- 
 Регрессии во внутриутробное состояние, Текущую Жизнь,  
 «Прошлые жизни» Past Lives Therapist (с 2001) года и
 «Жизнь между жизнями». (LBL therapist ( с 2005 года),
 Необъяснимое  Бесплодие –(Fertility Hypnosis Consultant Therapist)
 Авторская методика "Согласование Души и Тела - Духовная интеграция " программа по Скайпу
 Я  являюсь первым LBL -«ЖИЗНЬ МЕЖДУ ЖИЗНЯМИ» терапевтом Канады.

 Работала ассистентом на международных LBL тренингах,  по подготовке  новых специалистов,       который проводил Институт Ньютона (The Newton Institute, TNI) -Чикаго, США- 2007, Сидней, Австралия, 2008, Чикаго, США, 2009, США 2016.
Регрессии с детьми и подростками- 2014
 Доклад на ЛБЛ Конференции в Англии 2015
Организация первой международной Конференции Институту Ньютона, США 2017
 С 2009- Я преподаю ЛБЛ в составе  преподавательского состава Института Ньютона.
 В настоящее время Я являюсь LBL сертификационным инструктором и ментором для начинающих терапевтов. Контакт-
rifa.lbl@gmail.com www.lifebetweenlives.ca







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  • Russian


 Hypnosis Master Trainer - (IACT, trained by Dr. George Bien )
 Clinical Hypnotherapy
 Advance Past Life Regression therapy- Henry Bolduc
 "Life between Lives" Spiritual Hypnotherapy(2005)
 Hypno-Fertility Consulting Therapy
 Heart Resonance Therapy- Master practitioner

Presently  Rifa is a Certified LBL instructor- The Newton Institute Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy.

Rifa served as a Training Assistant for the Newton Institute's LBL Hypnotherapy Certification training in Chicago, USA, 2007, Sydney, Australia 2008 and in Chicago, USA, 2009, where she also had her TNI teaching debut. 



I specialise in Spiritual Hypnosis, Past Lives and Life Between Lives Spiritual hypnotherapy. I also work with unexplained infertility, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Spiritual Energy Healing and Heart Resonance Therapy. 
I have created my personal method " Soul Body Alliance©-Spiritual integration" series of 4 sessions in office or by Skype.
I work with both individuals and groups. 

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