Robert Coleman

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  • 20 Yeeda Street

    Riverton, Western Australia 6148

  • Australia

  • Phone: 0423946727

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I'm Robert Coleman, a Spiritual Psychotherapist and Founder of Transformational Therapy

In my private practice over the past 25 years I have created an intuitive inner process called Transformational Therapy which specializes in integrating ancient and modern approaches to healing mind, body and soul. I invite you to explore the many paths to awakening the power and beauty your Higher Self.

Many people are awakening to their soul-purpose but feel blocked or stuck in unfolding this emerging higher consciousness in all areas of their life.

Spiritual practice is no longer bound to the isolated confines of ashrams, monasteries or retreats but must more and more become manifest in all aspects of our life and love affairs. It has been said that 93% of our mind is unconscious and only 7% is conscious, yet we lack the inner protocols or pathways to access and change that hard-wired part of ourselves that governs our embedded reactions to life.

We carry limiting beliefs, resistances, traumas, and cellular memories in our subconscious mind from past lives and this life that hold us back from living a life of joy and fulfilling our soul’s purpose.

I intuitively work with many ancient and modern therapeutic tools to get to the root cause of blockages and reprogram those sabotaging beliefs, memories and patterns which open the channels to your own soul guidance. So you can once again feel the innocence, purity, joy and power that you brought forth within you from the Spirit World to do and be that which you truly are!



  • English

  • French


B.A. in Psychology (UCSC, USA)

M.F.A. Masters of Fine Arts in Psyhology and Psychodrama, Magna Cum Laude (UCLA, USA)

Diploma in Clinical Hynotherapy (1996)

Grad Cert in Past Life Regression (2006)

Grad Cert Psychodrama (Santa Cruz, USA)

Master Practitioner in Transformational Therapy (Osho Multiverstiy, India)

Cert Practioner Life Between Lives (TNI)

Spirit Releasement Therapy Practitioner (Fl, USA)

Family and Relationship Conselling (UCLA)

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