Tahmineh Nikookar

General Information

  • Main Phone 1-604-904 7447
  • http://www.drnikookar.com


    Lions Gate Health Centre

  • North Vancouver, British Columbia V7L 4W8

  • Canada

  • Phone: 604-904-7447

Practice Description

I feel so fortunate, as each carrier I have chosen in my life, or was directed by the universe, I did them all with love & passion.   Life Between Lives, may seem different to my recent carrier, as Dr. TCM, or my other carriers as an Occularist, or being an Engineer, but they are all related; and to me they are the little branches of the same path.  With each of them I grow more, and now I feel so blessed to be LBL Practitioner, as each case is a beautiful experience that I guide, and observe another soul journey.



  • English


Life Between
Lives Therapist:  Certified by the Newton

Master Hypnotist & Clinical Hypnotherapist: 
Coastal Academy of Hypnosis & Science, British Columbia, Canada

Master:  British Columbia, Canada

Dr. TCM,
Registered Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist:  British Columbia, Canada

Occularist:  London, England

Master in
Chemical & Petro Chemical Engineering:
Tehran, Iran

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