Yasmin Udwadia

General Information

  • Main Phone : North Vancouver 6047718259
  • Alternate Phone : Mumbai 919821168176
  • http://www.purpleflamehypnotherapy.ca


    North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

  • 604-771-8259

    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Practice Description

Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Past Life Regression

Life Between Lives Regression

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Usui Reiki Master Teacher



  • English


Life Between Lives Therapist (trained and certified by The Newton Institute)

Past Life Regression Therapist (trained and certified by Bryn Blankinship, Hypnotic Solutions, USA)

Clinical Hypnotherapist (trained and certified by the California Hypnosis Institute of India)

Usui Reiki Master Teacher (trained and certified by Dipti Sitwala Gandhi, India)

Certified Teacher, Angels (trained and certified by the Diana Cooper School, UK)
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