Zhanna Aidarkhanova

General Information


    South of France

    Geneva, Switzerland


  • Almaty
  • Kazakhstan

Practice Description

Zhanna Aidarkhanova, or simply Janna, is a Transpersonal and Regression Hypnotherapist certified by Alliance Training Program and Michael Newton Institute certified Life between Lives therapist. 

She is also a trained Clinical Hypnotherapist certified by the Holistic Healing Center, Paul Aurand, New York and also holds the diploma in Regression Therapy and certificate in Between Lives Spiritual Regression from the Past Life Regression Academy, Andy Tomlinson, UK.


Janna is a member of Spiritual Regression Therapy Association (SRTA) and a professional member of the EARTh Association for Regression Therapy. Janna is a Director of Research for Regression Association, promoting research in the area of Regression therapy.


A financial analyst in the past, Janna has had a transformative experience with hypnotherapy in 2015 and ever since, her passion became to study and apply this powerful technique for the benefit of others.



  • English

  • Russian


Based in Monaco, Janna practices in the south of France and travels to clients in Europe and the former Soviet bloc. With the recent pandemic measures, hypnotherapy has successfully transferred online and Janna now effectively uses ZOOM to lead the regressions sessions, including deep state LBLs.

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