Welcome! The Newton Institute has over 200 Certified Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapists, located in 48 countries throughout the world, speaking over 25 languages! TNI holds trainings in varying locations throughout the world, usually 1-2 per year, with many students traveling internationally to attend these trainings. These are the only Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapy Trainings authorized and approved by Michael Newton, PhD, and truly hold the gold star standard in our industry. We are always looking to grow our community of well-trained therapists to make LBL available to all around the globe!

2021 will be the first year we are offering our LBL training online due to Covid-19. Click the list of upcoming trainings below for more information. 

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List of Upcoming Trainings

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Becoming a TNI Certified Life Between Lives Practitioner

If you feel drawn towards becoming a Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy practitioner you are almost certainly listening and responding to your soul’s calling – and its own quest for growth. TNI Life Between Lives (LBL) trainings are the only LBL training courses developed, authorized and sanctioned by Michael Newton, the Founder of TNI who created The Newton Method of LBL hypnotherapy. Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapy is a registered trademark and the use of this term to describe or advertise services offered is only allowed by those who are certified with TNI. The training process is inspiring, intensive and fulfilling!

Step by Step to Eligibility for TNI Training

1. Become a qualified and experienced hypnotherapy practitioner

Only qualified and experienced hypnosis practitioners will be accepted for TNI Life Between Lives training. Once you have completed hypnotherapy training and are qualified in hypnotherapy and have the required clinical hypnosis experience with clients (see prerequisites) you should focus on training and gaining experience in past life regression regression techniques. Visit the Alliance Training Program for prerequisite hypnotherapy training options.

2. Age Regression training and experience

Study, qualify and gain clinical experience in Age Regression (hypnotic regression to formative events in this life), helping your clients uncover the source of issues in their current lives; this includes confident use of therapeutic interventions to release trauma of different types. See the Alliance Training Program for prerequisite age regression training options, which are typically part of hypnotherapy training and/or past life regression training.

3. Past Life Regression training and experience

Formal hypnotherapy training and field experience is required in to be effective in working with Past Life Regression. Here you will learn to guide your clients back to key experiences in past lives so that they can understand, evaluate and place in perspective the relevance of those past experiences by integration into their current lives. Past Life Regression Training options are available through the Alliance Training Program.

4. Check the TNI LBL training calendar

Locate TNI’s scheduled LBL training events for each year, and formally apply to register for one of our training courses. Details on how to register for current trainings are given on the LBL Training calendar page where you will find current training opportunities.

Once accepted you can progress to working towards certification with TNI as a Life Between Lives practitioner, facilitating clients’ journeys to the inter-life in order to awaken an understanding of their immortal identity. It is a fulfilling, rewarding and humbling experience to facilitate such sessions and as LBL practitioners, it is a sacred and fulfilling offer of service to our clients as they learn, discover and remember fascinating aspects of their soul lineage.


The practical requirements for successful registration to take part in a Life Between Lives Training are as follows:

  • A minimum of 200 hours’ formal hypnotherapy education; encompassing age regression with use of trauma release by therapeutic intervention and past life regression techniques.
  • A minimum of 2 years’ experience as a hypnotherapy practitioner.
  • Formal training or certification in using hypnotherapy to facilitate Past Life Regression (PLR) – and a minimum of 20 completed PLR sessions with clients.
  • Regression to the Womb (in utero) training as part of this process is useful but can be provided by TNI as an adjunct to the LBL training itself. Experience of past life regression using in utero regression techniques to highlight the importance of this part of any LBL session is included in TNI’s formal LBL training course.
  • Required Reading:  “Journey of Souls”, “Destiny of Souls”  and  “Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy” are required reading for this course, all by Dr. Michael Newton.  Students may also enjoy reading “Memories of the Afterlife”, a compilation of Life Between Lives Cases conducted by Newton Institute LBL Therapists and edited by Dr. Newton.
  • All applications must be supported by documentation such as copies of relevant certificates of qualification. Full details of requirements will be supplied on your Registration form.

This is a wonderful and fulfilling direction to follow! It takes time and dedication; because to become certified by TNI, LBL practitioners must meet the exacting standards set by Michael Newton, the originator of The Newton Method of Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy. The Institute’s aim is to provide the best possible trainings to the highest possible standards in order to create and support practitioners who excel at their LBL skills. Ongoing mentoring support is available to all TNI members not just during the post-training, associate membership period but also as peer support for all full, certified members.

Scholarship Opportunities

A scholarship may be awarded for individual trainings and, ideally, therapists should apply for trainings that are to take place closest to them. The scholarship will only cover the training fee portion of the tuition, not meals and accommodations. Therapists wishing to apply for a scholarship should first contact the Registrar to see if a scholarship is available for that particular training. They should then make their application for the course, stating that they wish to apply for the scholarship. Applicants will be asked to provide case studies, personal statement/bio, financial information, and references to display eligibility.

Please note

Online and/or correspondence training in any of the outlined training stages, including hypnotherapy training and past life regression training, is not accepted by TNI. The focus during our trainings and post training mentoring/case review support is on practical teaching and learning experiences.

In exceptional cases, after a review and majority approval by the Board of Directors of The Newton Institute, membership may be extended to individuals who do not strictly meet the above membership requirements but demonstrate equivalent training, experience and demonstrated competency in the area of hypnotic regression therapy.

All TNI membership applications are approved or rejected under the guidelines and standards established by The Michael Newton Institute. The Michael Newton Institute reserves the right to withhold membership to any applicant it deems to be insufficiently qualified for membership. This could include a lack of demonstrated competency in skills deemed essential for effective Life Between Lives facilitation.

All Members, Associate Members and Students are required to endorse and act within the Code Of Ethics for LBL Practitioners.

All applications must be supported by documentation such as copies of relevant certificates of qualification. Full details of requirements will be supplied on your Registration form.