Stories of the Afterlife

Stories of the Afterlife

Join the many who have already subscribed to ‘Stories of the Afterlife’ and found it a great way to stay current with leading developments in the field of Life Between Lives® hypnotherapy.

‘Stories of the Afterlife’ seeks to satisfy the deep hunger for personal and spiritual knowledge that is expressed by countless members of the public who have been inspired by reading the work of Dr Michael Newton, or by having their own LBL session. We consistently receive avalanches of requests from people just like you, who seek more information about the wisdom offered by LBL and our quarterly journal is your way to stay connected and updated.

We offer our Stories of the Afterlife Journal as a way that you can:

  • Receive the latest cases delivered straight to your email box, as well as access all past issues of the Journal (hours of reading pleasure!)
  • Gain inspiration from experienced LBL Practitioners from around the world, including a feature from one of TNI’s practicing medical doctors
  • Be updated on current LBL research
  • Follow how we are continuing the legacy of Dr Michael Newton, building on his ground-breaking work recorded in his books Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls and Memories of the Afterlife.

Beautifully edited by our own TNI practitioners, every issue of the Stories of the Afterlife journal brings inspiration to you with stories of hope, expanded understanding and personal growth, at a small investment of only

USD $19.97 for four issues!

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Reader Testimonial: “It is so fantastic to be able to have a journal that warms my soul, and inspires me so much! I can’t wait for the next issue! Loved reading all the stories, they make me feel like I am part of the experience, while the messages touch my heart! Please keep up the good work, and bring us more of those great stories, interesting interviews and articles! Thank you TNI team!” Vesna

Every investment in a Stories of the Afterlife journal subscription supports us to continue the work pioneered by Dr Michael Newton and we thank you. The Newton Institute is a registered not for profit organization committed to sharing the wisdom of the afterlife to benefit humanity.

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Stories of the Afterlife (your quarterly Journal from TNI)

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‘Stories of the Afterlife’ is published by The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy®.

The full subscription rate is for one year (four issues). Renewal by PayPal is automatic so please keep a note of your subscription commencement and renewal date. Should you wish to cancel your subscription you must do so manually, in PayPal.

Once subscription rates are paid no refunds will be given.

If the Journal’s publication changes frequency per annum we will honor the number of issues paid for and not the term of the subscription. We will advise you of any such changes to frequency well ahead of time.

The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy® (TNI) will collect your personal details in order to process your order and keep a record of your subscription account.

TNI will retain your personal details in complete confidence and we will never pass these on to other organizations or third parties, without your permission. We may contact you by email to provide you with information about TNI’s services and to seek your opinion about the Journal, ‘Stories of the Afterlife’.

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