Stories of the Afterlife

“Amazing Coincidence”
By Dražen Radaković
Certified LBL Hypnotherapist, Zagreb, Croatia

This case is interesting because the clients came as a couple and wanted to have sessions for both of them. Given that the one having the first session would not have the opportunity to talk about that session before the second one had a session, this provides the possibility of additional corroboration of the information being given to them.

In our initial conversation, it became apparent that this husband and wife were at some kind of crossroads in their lives. One question was about where they should live. Also, the wife had a medical problem with her spine. Although they were drawn to have sessions partly out of curiosity, the wife seemed to be developing an interest in an expanded spiritual reality. The husband owns a company and is involved in its running. I had back-to-back sessions for them because they had come some distance, and I wanted to arrange our time so that they would not have to spend a night in a hotel.

Session 1 (with the wife)

T: Therapist C: Client

Mother's womb

T: Are your hands and feet in a comfortable position?

C: Yes. I'm comfortable.

T: Can you hear the heartbeats of your mother?

C: No. I have no feeling about that.

T: Is this body a good opportunity for your soul growth?

C: I think it is.

T: In which month did you join the fetus for the first time?

C: Fifth.

Past life

C: I’m in a courtyard of some large house. The forest is near.

T: Where is that house? What kind of a yard is it?

C: It's a rather big house.

T: Where is the house?

C: In the countryside, and it is beautiful.

T: Are you male or female?

C: I'm a woman. I have those wide dresses that were once worn in the countryside. It's a country house.

T: Are you alone or with someone?

C: I'm alone in the yard.

T: What do you have on your feet?

C: Ankle boots, brown.

T: How old are you?

C: Around 30.

T: What else do you see around you?

C: There are no people.

T: What are you doing?

C: I'm walking. I'm looking around the house.

T: What time period is it?

C: Somewhere in the 18th century. (Same as her husband in his session a few hours later.)

10 years back

C: I'm in the yard with somebody, but I do not know who it is. I laugh and run. I have some kind of hat on my head. Adult people are on the side. They are well dressed.

T: What’s happening?

C: There are lots of people. A fat man with a hat is always behind me.

T: Who is that?

C: Some fat man with a mustache.

T: Who is this in your life today?

C: I do not know, but he is not positive. He is unpleasant. Like he is aiming to do something.

T: You do not see him, but you feel he is present?

C: Somewhere on the right.

Back to the beginning scene, it seems.

C: I'm scared. It seems as if I can see the tip of a rifle.

T: Where?

C: In the garden on the right side of that man.

T: Is there anyone else or are you alone?

C: I am alone. I'm not really a beautiful woman. As a child I was pretty, but not anymore.

T: You mean physically?

C: Yes. I was, but now I do not feel like a desirable woman.

Period of happiness in this life.

C: I’m in front of a fireplace in a house (crying from happiness).

T: Who is with you?

C: Dad.

T: What is making you happy there?

C: Nothing special. I'm in his lap. I’m four and a half years old. I’m just happy.

T: Who is he today?

C: My husband. (Her husband, in his session, related the same relationship.)

T: What is the house like?

C: Beautiful. There is a fireplace . I see the horns of an ox.

T: Anybody else there?

C: I see another woman, but I do not feel that she is in our family. She is a servant.

T: She is not related?

C: No.

10 years later

C: I'm back in front of the house. Father and I. We are alone.

T: Are you happy?

C: So so.

T: What is your name?

C: Ana. (A few hours later, in his session, the same name for her will be given during her husband’s session.)

T: Can you see what culture it is?

C: Europe, northern.

The situation associated with spinal problems in current life (apparently in the time of the opening scene)

T: What’s happening?

C: I’m looking after my dad who is old (current husband).(Then apparently referring to the man who was following her in the first scene) In one scene it comes to me that this man hit me with his hand on my back.

T: What kind of a blow was it?

C: I have an image of a very hard blow.

Another situation associated with difficulty with the spine

C: That man raped me. He killed me. He raped, strangled and killed me. Nije mi jasno kako se on našao tamo jer je puno stariji i staležom ne pripada tamo.
(Translation: It is not clear to me how he was there because he is much older and does not belong there in terms of class.)

The very act of death

T: Where is this happening?

C: In that garden.

T: Is it night or day?

C: It’s day. There’s no one there.

T: How old are you here?

C: About thirty and something. Less than forty.

15 years earlier

C: It’s some kind of a ball. I'm pretty here. I feel the energy of my son. He is a young man who is here and is looking at me. He is my son from my current life. Like we were supposed to be a man and a woman, a couple. He has big dark eyes.

T: Where's the ball?

C: In some nice hall, castle, house.

T: How are people dressed?

C: Men are wearing some suits. Big buttons, tight jackets. They are very beautifully dressed. Like cavalry men.

T: What language are they speaking?

C: Some English, but I do not know it well.

T: Who else do you see?

C: My friend is with me. We arrive together.

T: What else do you see?

C: I’m enjoying myself and I’m happy. I'm in love.

T: With whom?

C: With that boy. He went to the army. That's why I stayed alone. I was sad after he left.

Last day of life

C: I’m lying on the ground.

The very act of death

C: I have been strangled, and I’m on the ground. I am not sad.

Passing and orientation

T: Where are you in relation to your body?

C: I’m looking at it. I have no need to go back to the body.

T: Where is the man who strangled you?

C: He is leaving.

T: What happens next?

C: I am moving. Like I'm going upwards. Below I see a landscape. It's getting darker. Now I’m standing on something white, and I feel that I'm waiting. Something wraps around me. Like some spiral.

T: Is it comfortable for you?

C: Yes. It is a light that leads me to the spiral. That spiral separates from me. It's like some invisible matter. We stand in place.

Meeting with the guide

T: What color is the spiral?

C: White.

T: How do you experience it?

C: Like some spirit.

T: What is the name of that spiral?

C: I cannot pronounce it.

T: Letter by letter?

C: Fudan. In the right form it was not Fudan, but something different. I don’t know now. My name is Mati.

T: What does the guide think about the performance during your past life?

C: That I could have done better.

T: Where did you fail?

C: I gave up.

T: To what?

C: In solitude.

T: What was the greatest achievement?

C: Everything started well. When I was little all was good. I have somehow buried myself. My love was killed in the war.

T: What did you achieve?

C: I was supposed to be with my dad, and I did that.

T: What else does the guide say?

C: Everything is fine.

T: Are you ready to go any further?

C: Yes. He's a bit harsh. I know he loves me. He's critical towards me, though. I know it's for my own good. We are going onwards. I'm looking at the souls around me. Behind one group I see my dad.

T: Is he approaching?

C: He wants to joke with me so he’s hiding. But I'm not in his group. He just came to greet me.

T: What are you doing now?

C: I'm waiting. We hugged. He's always smiling. I told him to forgive me and that everything was fine. We are going onwards.

Meeting with the primary soul cluster

C: I came to my group.

T: What do you see?

C: White light. White dots.

T: How many?

C: Ten to fifteen. One after the other they are coming to greet me. They were first scattered. They are now one behind the other.

T: Do you see what color they are?

C: The first one is yellow.

T: Who is this soul today?

C: Ana, my daughter.

T: What's the encounter with her like?

C: She arrived first. The meeting is nice, warm (crying). Safe. We are hugging. I see her curly hair as it is today.

T: Where are the rest?

C: They are waiting their turn. Here is my sister Vesna. She is darker. Blue color. She is reserved. She is telling me I did well.

T: Do you have emotions with her?

C: Less than with my daughter. Until one moves I can’t see who is behind. Dad's coming to play again.

T: Do you want to say something to him?

C: We are hugging again.

T: What happens next?

C: My grandmother is coming.

T: What color is she?

C: White. In the distance is my son. Among the last ones.

T: What color is he?

C: He's somehow brownish. My husband in my current life is green.

T: Who else do you see?

C: They approach me. As one goes away the others come. My current husband's grandfather arrives. I only knew him in all of Pula. I don’t see mother anywhere. Something tells me she was here at first. They're all in a circle, and I'm in the middle. My guide is out of the circle. They are happy and give me a welcome.

T: Do you have any wish to say something to someone?

C: No. We are going onwards. Ana is calling me (crying). She wants me back. The guide is waiting for me a little bit further. We are going onwards through a kind of a corridor. I'm afraid of where we are going now.

T: Ask the guide where he is leading you.

C: He says he's taking me where the light is.

T: What is there?

C: I see just the light. It's as if my life was shown in that light. It's a ball, big one.

T: What do you see in the ball, from your life?

Review of scenes from the previous life

C: I see my whole life from the beginning, but we are going through it fast.

T: Like slides?

C: Yes. Exactly.

T: Why did he bring you there, ask him?

C: To learn and see the mistakes.

T: Is your guide with you?

C: Yes, he is constantly here. He is leading me somewhere.

T: And that is?

C: We're arriving at a room. It's a light, white room. There’s no one inside.

Meeting with the Council of Elders

T: Why are you there?

C: I'm waiting. Three entities come.

T: How do they look?

C: They are so experienced.

T: How do you know?

C: It feels like that.

T: How do they look?

C: They have white robes. They are male-looking.

T: Are they sitting or standing?

C: They sit in front of the table.

T: What's the table like?

C: A long white table. Like it was made of clouds. There are still two empty chairs.

T: What do they say? Is anyone addressing you?

C: They do not resent anything.

T: Is any of them the main one?

C: This in the middle is the most important one. He addresses me. They are assessing how I've done so far. One is addressing me now. The left one says that I should follow my heart. They are mostly happy, and I'm doing fine.

Personal questions

T: Why can’t you have a deep sleep?

C: I do not know how to let go. I need to look at life through other eyes. I need to be more positive.

T: What do you think about moving to a new apartment?

C: Great. Before I ask, I already feel and hear the answer.

T: What do you think about your back problems? What are they advising you?

C: I have no answer.

T: Why don’t they tell you?

C: Well they say my thoughts affect me. I'm looking at illness wrongly.

T: What do they say about your attitude?

C: They are showing me butterflies. They represent redundant thoughts.

T: What do you hear about your current relationships with people?

C: It's incredible. As soon as I think, I hear the answer. For my relationship with my sister, they say it is coming from my past life. This is the cause of some small disagreements. That's good because it puts me on the right path when I run away sometimes.

T: How do they view the horrible death trauma from that lifetime?

C: It burdened me because I was not fulfilled. My soul was not happy even though they do not see any big problem.

T: Is there a being in the room that is higher up than the Old Men?

C: Oh yes, yes. But it cannot be seen.

T: What else do you want to ask them?

C: They tell me that my daughter will help people. They have thrown a green ball onto me, some green light.

T: Why?

C: To help my back. So it will stop hurting me. They are showing me photographs. The Elder on the right is showing me. He's more job related. They say I have a gift for photography. They say that it will get me out of psychic problems and that I will be fulfilled. The one in the middle touches my brain when I ask him about sleep. He tells me not to go to my doctor for an examination of my spine tomorrow. They say it will not help me. It is all inside. I ask about my husband. They say he is me.

T: What do they say?

C: That’s what he said to me: He is you.

T: What does he mean by that?

C: Together you're a team.

T: Do you have any other questions?

C: I want to ask them about my mom. It's like she has nothing to do with me. They are not listening to me about this. I see a cap on Andrej’s (son’s) head as when you graduate from university and for David (nephew). They do not want to give me an answer because I have pictures like he is now. I see a bird with open wings on the imaginary wall.

T: What does it mean?

C: Freedom. They say I'm red in color.

T: Is it the color of the aura or the color of the soul?

C: Light red. It’s the color of the aura.

T: What is the color of the soul?

C: Yellowish gold.


Session 2 (with the husband)

Mother's womb

T: Are the arms and legs in a comfortable position?

C: Yes. My head and neck are also OK.

T: Čujete li majčino srce? Do you hear your mother's heart?

C: I can’t hear. I can’t feel the emotions.

T: What is your impression regarding the life that awaits you?

C: I feel sadness. (After a pause) I feel like I'm in a light pink color.

T: In what month did you first join the fetus?

C: I’m not getting that.

Past life

C: I'm on a road. There is a carriage, and it is pulled by two horses.

T: How do you look?

C: I can’t see myself. Houses are in a row. They are masonry.

T: What are you wearing?

C: Leather shoes, pants, a jacket ...

T: What are you doing there?

C: I am standing and watching. The carriage is passing around the bend. It's some promenade. Women are in long dresses with scarfs on their heads. Dresses are peasant.

T: Are you alone or with someone?

C: I am alone. Those women are in the distance.

T: How old are you? How do you look?

C: I'm a man, and I'm older. I feel like I'm lost, and I do not know where I'm going.

10 years earlier

C: I’m sitting in a chair in some space.

T: What kind of space?

C: A living room, and everything is made of wood. I'm looking out the window.

T: Are you alone?

C: No, somebody's with me.

T: Who is it?

C: A woman. She's a lot younger than me, half at least. Another older one is with us. That older one is more official, not related. She is a bit chubby. I can't see her face.

T: Who are they to you today?

C: The older one is my sister. The younger one is my wife in my current life.

Another ten years earlier

C: On my right is the sea. I'm at a promenade. I'm happy, and I’m laughing. A woman is with me, and she makes me happy. It's a cove, rock and sea. I can’t see that person clearly.

Next significant event

C: I don’t see anything, but I feel sadness.

T: Why?

C: I lost a close person. I see myself as an older person. Something happened before that. I don’t know exactly what..

The events that caused the sadness

C: I lost my wife and daughter.

Period of happiness in this life

C: I’m in a house, and a girl is running towards me. She hugs me. I feel her love. The woman who is here does not work, instead she is in the house with the child. We are wealthy. On the left I see a room with a large bookcase. A straight, long corridor. To the right is a door, although I don’t know where it leads. The woman has long, black curly hair.

Past life situation that is related to current life

C: I see a young woman in a coffin.

T: Who is that?

C: It’s my wife in that life. I'm sad, but I have accepted it. I'm not angry at anyone. I don’t know why. Maybe it was some illness. It's my wife, but I do not know who it is today.

The next important event in life

C: I'm in the kitchen.

T: What is the culture, time, speech?

C: It is approximately two hundred years back in time. (Same as his wife in the previous session.)

T: What is your name?

C: Alfonso. That’s how the maid called me to tell me the bad news that my daughter is gone.

T: You lost your daughter?

C: Yes.

T: Was that her in the coffin before?

C: No, that was my wife. Someone was involved with my daughter’s death.

T: How are you feeling?

C: Very bad. Angry.

T: How did you lose your daughter?

C: Someone hurt her. I don’t know, I just feel a huge anger. (He does not know exactly, but describes that somebody has injured his daughter, and his wife described the crime that had happened to her from her perspective. Perhaps no one ever found out who committed the crime).

T: What was your daughter's name?

C: Ana, Eme, I hear something like that. (The same name his wife received in her session for herself.)

T: Do you hear the language?

C: No.

Last day of life

T: How old are you?

C: About eighty years old. I'm in bed.

T: What does the bed look like?

C: The maid is with me. The same one I saw before. I'm weak and powerless. I can hardly breathe. I do not care. The maid is concerned. She is holding my hand.

Passing out of the previous life

C: I get out of the body and go through a tube.

T: Do you have a need to return to Earth?

C: No. I just look down. It is obvious to the maid that I have died. I am pulled upwards. I see some spirit. Big black eyes.

T: Is he a friend?

C: Yes, but he’s unemotional. He's white and has an oblong head.

T: Human?

C: No, flattened ellipse. I see that I'm moving into that hole without him. That hole is narrow, that channel. This channel expands. It's like some mass.

T: What kind?

C: Like some black gray flecks. Half-transparent and it seems as if I can see the universe behind. I'm moving through that space. At the end of the tunnel I see a pretty meadow. I float above it. I see a valley and people below. A crowd of people.

T: What kind of people are these? Are you going towards them? They towards you?

C: One group of people is standing there. A couple of souls are coming to me.

T: How do they look? Are they human forms?

C: The first one reminds me of my dad.

T: Does he have a human form?

C: The same as I know him now.

T: Who else is coming? Count them.

C: He is the closest. Others are farther away. I see he’s laughing. I feel like I'm just fine being alone. I do not feel any need for anyone.

Regeneration room - meadow

T: Where is the guide?

C: He is next to me. The souls are in the distance, but I do not understand who it is. I'm standing alone. It's as if that space is bounded. It's like a half sphere is around me. Behind me is some kind of wall. It's as if this zone starts here, the huge sphere I'm in. Forward, up, I cannot see the end.

T: How do you experience this meadow?

C: I'm looking at it. I don’t want to go anywhere. The guide is not making me go. I don’t know why he’s there. I’m getting some peace. We are going onwards through a colorful fog full of color. Black color is more dominant. I see some dark room and light in one part.

T: Who is there?

Meeting with one member of the Council of Elders

C: Some old people. One, in fact. He has a staff in his hand.

T: Is he standing or sitting?

C: Standing with a staff. He has a white cloak. Bald and has a wooden staff.

T: Ask him what was the greatest achievement in that lifetime that you just experienced?

C: He doesn’t answer me. He’s just watching me. He seems very strict. It seems like the guide is afraid of him. I don’t know what he wants.

T: What is he saying to you? Is he addressing you?

C: I feel fear, but I do not know what I'm doing here. I have a feeling he represents the whole of eternity. He gives me the information to be my own, to be what I am.

T: Where did you fail the most in this? Where did you not be enough of your own?

C: I lost two people. I don’t know what I did wrong. Maybe I should have protected them more.

T: What does he say?

C: He agrees. The guide is lighthearted. He's like a playful dog. The old man is angry, I think. I should have been more dedicated to my wife, and I should have moved my daughter away from dangerous people. Now I see him as not standing still any more but walking and giving me a lecture.

T: About what?

C: About the rules I need to respect. He will give me another chance. I should have influenced my daughter a lot earlier and directed her. I have a feeling that the guide has more fear of him than I do.

T: Do they communicate?

C: I do not feel that.

T: What is the name of your guide?

C: Arziel.

Personal questions

T: What does he think about buying a house?

C: He agrees, supports it. But he does not want to go into details about it. I see in the background some other man sitting, but I think he may be afraid to get close to the old man. I only see contours, shadows. The old man is in charge. He’s so powerful. He says I need to help the family now. I need to be with them.

T: What does it mean to be with them?

C: To give them all they need, but to be as tough as he is being to me now.

T: Ask about your children.

C: They say their paths are planned, and if anything will be needed, they will send me information. The guide is beside the old man and is very much afraid of him.

The appearance of another entity

C: Now another person comes with long hair and is younger. I do not see him clearly, but I see him full of love.

T: What is his purpose? What does he say?

C: He comforts me. He was hunched below me. The old man left, and the new person returns to his chair. He has big brown eyes and a pleasant face. Light brown beard and longer hair. I do not know if he is from that Council. He went out to the right of that old man. Maybe he thought that the old man should stop with the judgment. I’m getting that information. He tells me love is the key to everything. In the background I see a frowning old man with a strict look. He looks like the old man who walked away. The new person is giving me a hand.

T: Does his hand suit you?

C: Yes. He’s taking me somewhere. I’m holding onto the guide with the other hand. We are going very fast through some pink tunnel. We are going high. All those souls are below me.

T: Which ones?

C: Those I saw at the beginning. I get a vision of some pink colored space. I cannot understand anything that's there, but it looks like a cocoon.

T: What's there?

Learning in the classroom

C: Some souls are flying there. They are much brighter than the ones below. I see them in white. They're a little bluish. I don’t know where we are going. The guide and I have sat down. It's nice, and it is a relaxed atmosphere. It's like all this includes some humor. This young man is witty and very wise. It's like a classroom.

T: What else is the purpose of staying there?

C: Some kind of learning?

T: What kind?

C: I don`t know. I think this younger Elder, or whatever he is, is already teaching my guide something. We are all now listening to the lecture. The guide is quite impressed. They are teaching us moral principles. What we need to overcome problems. I ask him what, and he tells me I must be tough. I remember a dream I had in my current life and wonder what it meant.

T: And?

C: He says he sent it to me.

T: Which dream?

C: That I woke up in a poor neighborhood and in front of me is an Indian with long black hair and sharp eyes. He's buried up to the hips in the ground. He looked at me suddenly and it knocked down my ego. At this point in the dream, I did not know who this could be. By that toughness, it should be Shiva, and he laughed and said that he had put it there. After that I went on and saw Sai Baba fully dressed in white. He stood behind Shiva and laughed and he patted me on the shoulder. I walked through the door and I saw my father who was nervous. I got out and came onto the road. A yellow bus was arriving. There were three or four women who wanted me to go with them, and I ran into that bus and ran away. Now I realize that I have to work on the strength of my character.

T: In what way is it still insufficient?

C: When making some decisions. Now that room is white. Now we are going through some white corridor. I have to wait to see what's going to appear. Ana comes to me, current daughter. Behind her there is someone, I do not know who. Like someone is hiding behind her.

T: Why do you see her?

C: To see that she is okay. To see my relationship with my past life. Maybe it was my wife. I feel her love, and we are hugging. We are relaying happiness because we met in some other dimension. This "younger" Elder has brought me to her. We are now at some other level. Here I see very few souls. There is no crowd. Everyone is doing something of their own. We're going out again. I, the guide and Ana are without the "younger one." We are watching that world together. Everything around us is huge. It’s pink. All is beautiful, no worries. It could look like that forever. Ana also likes it and looks, and the guide is standing by me .... I stand there, and I don’t know why we are not moving.

T: Where's the "younger one?"

C: I don’t know where he is.

T: Why did the guide bring you here?

C: He says that we belong here. I ask him what this is. I don’t understand. I ask him to lead me.

T: Is there a need to go somewhere?

C: He is taking us, Ana and me. Now we are just the two of us, and we are flying somewhere. Every now and then a soul passes beside us. Everything is pink. He leads me to a place more similar to Earth.. I see a lot of meadows, trees, hills ....

T: Why are you going there?

C: It's nice there. A lot of green and blue sky. A breeze is blowing.

T: What do you need to get from that space?

C: It's as if it's a part of me. Some house is ahead. White stone house. Antique construction. I feel that the "younger one" is inside.

Stay in a library with life review

T: What’s inside?

C: Again, some new material. I just see him now. The guide and I. I feel we will stay here longer. I’m going through some big books. Pictures are inside. There are a lot of books and pictures. Pictures are inside the books.

T: Did you open something?

C: I don’t know what’s inside. We are browsing, but I cannot see it. Some events, but I cannot see it. The guide and I are looking. He is helping me. We are looking at the future and past actions. Those that are in the future, my current life, I think, but some events have already passed now. He says that this should be studied well. I ask him if he has a message. He says I have to learn some things for the next step. It is very important to study all of this. It seems as if looking at these books is taking forever. Time is standing still here. I feel he can help me in going through the lessons and learning. The real path is love and work. He will let me study here and stay here freely. When it is time, he says he will come for me. I ask him why I'm constantly alone and he tells me that’s the way it should be.

T: Do you have to go somewhere else?

C: He doesn’t tell me anything else. He says that's enough. I just need to study this, and it will be enough.


After some time had passed after the sessions, I received the following email from the husband:

Dear Sir,

I wanted to share one experience after the session, i.e. the LBL. This is proof that has confirmed my experience with my past life. Yesterday evening my wife and I were putting our daughter, Ana, to bed, and I told her that I would tell her a story before bed and, of course, she could hardly wait to get started. I told her about a girl who lived a very long time ago in a beautiful home with a mom and dad and a maid. The course of the story went in the direction of the details that I remembered from the session, but I did not tell or accidentally mention who the characters from the story could be. My wife joined the storytelling in describing the scenes as she saw them and her feelings in that environment. This was followed by the first question to Ana:

Me: Ana, what do you think? Who do you think the little girl is?

Ana : (laughing ...) Well, it's mom.

Of course we stopped right away since it was not clear to us how this could be possible.

Wife: And who is this girl's mother?

Ana: I'm her mom!

This was the second evidence that shook us.

Me: Ana, a tko je teta koja je pomogla čistiti i spremati po kući ( sluškinja)? Ana, and who is the lady who helped clean and tidy up the house (maid)?

Ana: (she paused a little) .... Tanja (my sister).

After this answer we broke into laughter, and we were simply confused. According to my session, if you remember it, it all fits 100%, as well as with my wife’s session where she did not see the maid as my sister. What Ana did not tell us was who was the dad of the little girl (which I was), but it was not that important in view of the previous answers. The last question was:

Wife: But Ana, how did you know that?

Ana: Well, I don’t know... It came to my brain (pointing her finger at the middle of her forehead).

Literally, that’s how she responded. We wanted to share this with you. Probably we are not the only ones, but it was amazing to us how it all matched up considering that the probabilities of that happening are very small. Of course we did not say anything to Ana or give her any instructions on anything, because we thought that it would be too confusing to her.

Dražen, thank you for your experience and we hope we will see you soon.

The Husband

p.s. During our telling the story I left the room for a moment, and my wife continued. She told me that while I was gone, Ana told her that I was the dad of the little girl in that life.

Dražen Radaković is a Certified LBL Hypnotherapist practicing in Zagreb, Croatia