The Michael Newton Institute Code of Ethics

The legacy that Dr. Michael Newton has entrusted to The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapy and gifted to Michael Newton Institute’s Members provides individuals the opportunity to reconnect to the loving wisdom of the spirit world and awaken to their immortality. This is a sacred offering and life changing experience.

The Newton Institute® certified Life Between Lives® Member hypnotherapists have been trained and certified by Michael Newton Institute to practice Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapy, using the methods devised by Dr. Michael Newton and the Michael Newton Institute teaching faculty. Michael Newton Institute’s Code of Ethics serves as a foundation for Life Between Lives® practice and Michael Newton Institute operations.

Michael Newton Institute Membership includes Associate Members, Certified Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapists and Alliance Trainers.

Michael Newton Institute Members commit to:

  1. Act in the highest and best interest of the client and treat each client with respect and dignity.
  2. Conduct themselves in such a manner as to uphold the integrity of Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapy and The Michael Newton Institute.
  3. Use all their skills, training, and experience to reconnect clients to the loving wisdom of the spirit world as they hold sacred space for a meaningful Life Between Lives® experience which includes remaining open to spiritual guidance when conducting Life Between Lives® sessions.
  4. Display and facilitate sessions with professional etiquette, providing a safe and caring environment. Sessions are expected to be facilitated not only with skill, but with understanding, sensitivity, and patience.
  5. Practitioners should honor and respect the fact that LBL clients, and indeed practitioners themselves, come from many different religious and cultural backgrounds, and therefore make no distinctions on grounds of race, sex, gender, religion, class, belief or sexual orientation.
  6. Allow guidance to be given to clients in the Life Between Lives® state from Spirit and not from the practitioner. Here the practitioner’s role is to guide, to question and to listen. The needs of the client should be paramount, including allowing sufficient time for the client to process each individual experience.
  7. Assess and provide a professional environment for a client in advance of a session. A client is entitled to a clean and dedicated therapy room, which includes facilities.
  8. Maintain all client-therapist communications in a confidential manner, obtain the consent of the client to record past life regression and Life Between Lives® sessions, and preserve session records and session notes in a secure environment to ensure privacy.
  9. Obtain the consent of the client to share or publish session material and to discuss confidential session details.
  10. Explain the Life Between Lives® experience and discuss expectations, intentions and goals with each client prior to the Life Between Lives® appointment. Discuss with a client the experience and expectations the client is seeking. Review the list of questions and cast of characters. It is expected that all members facilitate the Life Between Lives® within realistic expectations, intentions and goals of a client.
  11. Assess the readiness of clients to participate in Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapy through Client History or during Intake. Clients are expected to be open and honest in providing relevant information, members cannot be responsible for anything deliberately withheld by a client.
  12. Ensure the client is aware of the range of physiological and emotional experiences that could occur during a Life Between Lives® session.
  13. Assess the client to determine his/her previous Past Life Regression experience. It is strongly recommended that a client first experiences a Past Life Regression prior to a Life Between Lives® with the same Life Between Lives® hypnotherapist. This allows trust and rapport to build as well as initially prepares a client for the forthcoming Life Between Lives® experience.
  14. Advise clients seeking to avail themselves of additional services offered by the hypnotherapist, that such services are beyond the explicit endorsement of The Michael Newton Institute. Delivery of any non-Life Between Lives® related services with the client are to be conducted separate from a Life Between Lives® session.
  15. Acknowledge when therapist/client rapport is compromised. This includes acknowledging the possibility of a disruption in rapport being triggered during the pre-talk or the actual session, and the willingness of the hypnotherapist to address the issue even if it means putting the session on pause or recognizing the need to reschedule or even cancel the session unless rapport can be re-established.
  16. Ensure that we are ourselves are in a fit state to facilitate Life Between Lives® sessions – that is, that we are not ill, exhausted, under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  17. Treat each other and The Newton Institute’s officials respectfully. Avoid disrespectful comments regarding other Michael Newton Institute hypnotherapists and refrain from soliciting another Life Between Lives® hypnotherapist’s clients.
  18. Hold Michael Newton Institute standards and interests ahead of self-interest. Ensure that all advertising and promotional activities are truthful, and that all statements made regarding the Life Between Lives® experience are realistic. No false claims for example, about training or the purpose of Life Between Lives® work, or conducting unauthorized training should be made by any practitioner claiming and, therefore, benefiting from Michael Newton Institute certification.
  19. Declare financial policies, including session cost and cancellation policies in advance of sessions and agree to payment arrangements before beginning the session. Manage client expectations prior to the session regarding what is and is not refundable.
  20. Deliver Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapy according to the Michael Newton Institute’s training and guidelines. It is expected that all members adhere to the protocol devised by Dr. Michael Newton and the Michael Newton Institute teaching faculty.
  21. Ensure that all advertised professional affiliations, certifications and credentials are truthful and up to date.
  22. Ensure that all advertised relevant credentials for services are backed by proven documentation.
  23. Obtain the approval of the Michael Newton Institute to conduct Life Between Lives® related research and obtain explicit and separate consent of the client for their participation in research studies.
  24. Uphold the integrity of the organization at all times; act with accountability and
    responsibility and always remain positive ambassadors for The Newton Institute and its Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapy.