The story of Dr. Michael Newton and LBL work goes back many years.

Dr. Michael Newton

Dr. Michael Newton

Following discoveries in clinical practice, Michael began to explore the afterlife through the eyes of his clients. It was to be over 25 years before Michael first shared his work with the world, having researched and assembled a model of the spiritual realm through the eyes of 7000 souls and over a career spanning 35 years.

This History of Dr. Michael Newton and The Newton Institute briefly summarizes the development of both the specialized field of LBL hypnotherapy and the international organization that supports Michael Newton’s work.

Michael’s first book, Journey of Souls, was published by Llewellyn in May 1994; and Michael presented his work to the public for the first time right after publication, at the Book Exposition of America held in Los Angeles. From there book signings were organized; firstly in California and over the next 8 years, Michael traveled around the US, then Canada, the UK and South Africa with book signings and presentations at New Age conferences.

In 1995, Michael’s work was featured in a Paramount Studios Television show called “Sightings”. This show featured Michael’s work, involved two of his clients and was filmed at his home. It is estimated that some 9 Million people saw the initial show and the number more than doubled with subsequent re-runs.

A series of requested lectures to Hypnotherapists and Hypnosis enthusiasts took Michael around the world, to organizations such as The College of Psychic Studies in London in the UK; the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences in Montreal in Canada and Aquarius Rising Communications in Johannesburg, South Africa. The audiences numbered around two thousand at these last two events, as Michael continued to stun the assembled groups with the breadth, depth and robustness of his work. Back home in the USA, Michael had been asked to be a keynote speaker at the International Association for Regression Research & Therapies (IARRT) Conference in 1996, and then a further 3 hour lecture in 2000 at Bastyr University. Earlier that year Michael had also presented for the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH) in Newport Beach, California.

Michael had been contacted by the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists (NATH); way back in 1995. In 1998 he was awarded their “Most Unique Contribution” Award and gave a keynote speech; and in September 2001 gave his first long term (4 Day) LBL Training under their sponsorship. This was to be followed up with further trainings in September 2002 and September 2003. Even during this time and until the end of 2002, Michael remained in active practice. Destiny of Souls was first published in 2000 and built even further momentum for his work; in 2001, the book was awarded ‘most outstanding metaphysical book of the year’ at the Book Exposition of America, which met that year in Chicago. Many of the publishers, book wholesalers and literary associations who voted named it ‘The Millennium Book’. This was followed up by Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy in 2004, in which Michael documented his methodology for these life changing experiences.

By 2002, Michael had realized that an organization was needed to support his work and on June 19th of that year, in Grass Valley, California which was his home at that time, Michael and a few colleagues founded the Society for Spiritual Regression (SSR) and he became the first President. Under this new organization dedicated to the art and science of his creation, Michael continued to teach with the assistance of these colleagues. In March 2004, SSR’s first training was held in North Hollywood, California. This was followed up in September 2004 by the first overseas training, which took place in Ulfette, Holland.

Through a period of illness, Michael stepped back from both leading SSR and teaching at the Boulder, Colorado Training in April, 2005. A period of transformation took place as Michael returned to full health. With his support, a number of the membership came forward to form an interim advisory group and a new management team. At this time Paul Aurand became General Manager; and was subsequently invited to take Michael’s place as President when a new board was formed.

The Society for Spiritual Regression evolved into The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy (TNI). In the latter half of 2005, Board roles were scoped, general elections held and formal “Not For Profit” status was established for TNI. The Advisory group insisted the new organisation be named after the Founder; to which Michael finally and reluctantly agreed. The SSR By-Laws were amended, new Financial Policies drafted and the TNI Board set about planning the next steps for the organisation. At this time TNI consisted of 63 Certified Members.

In March 2006, the first training under the TNI name was held in Bedford UK. This heralded Michael’s return to teaching and was to be his last overseas training before retirement. Students came from all over the UK and Europe in a large training at “The Swan” hotel. Following this training, the first TNI Strategy Day was held in order to create momentum on the consolidation and expansion of TNI. A key outcome of that day was the encapsulation of  the art of LBL in the statement  “Awakening an understanding of your immortal identity”.

Two months later, in May 2006, TNI held a training in Santa Fe, New Mexico. At this training Michael undertook all lecture segments of the program. He was filmed, so that his teaching methods and content could be used for all future Instructors as a way to embrace the source of our work and provide consistency across all Instructors in different parts of the world.

The first year under TNI came to a close with a group of our Members drafting our first Code of Ethics for LBL Therapists, which is now embraced across our LBL Therapist collective in 26 countries.

Trainings were held in Tuetsberg, Germany, in April 2007 and in Chicago, USA in September of the same year.  Chicago also saw the introduction of the first Instructor Training; together with Michael’s announcement at the subsequent Board Meeting of his retirement from teaching his work. The second round of Board elections was also held that year.

In 2008 TNI spent time on two key projects, replacing the old and expensive website that had served well from the days of SSR and planning Memories of the Afterlife, an anthology of case studies from 32 separate LBL Therapists. Each case study was lovingly edited and assembled by Michael himself. This book also recorded the difference this work had made to the clients’ lives;  and all the contributing therapists were eager to participate, knowing that royalties would be directed to expand and support the activities of TNI. April of the same year also saw the first training held in the Southern Hemisphere in Sydney, Australia.

In 2009, TNI held trainings in Westelbeers, Holland in June and returned to Chicago, USA in September. This year also saw the publishing of Memories of the Afterlife, embraced widely and quickly by the public on the momentum of Michael’s earlier books. The launch of this book signaled that the work of one man had become the work of many, as those he had trained continued to provide life changing experiences to those who chose to explore. This year also saw the establishment of the “Peggy Newton Award” for distinguished services to TNI; named in honor of Michael’s long term soulmate, advisor and life partner.  The third round of Board elections were also held in 2009.

2010 saw trainings held in Wilmington, USA in May and Melbourne, Australia in October. It was the year that “Heartbeat”, the newsletter for TNI members, was created and also the TNI Mentoring Program; devised to guide new students through the Certification Process. TNI also established Trademarks for “Life Between Lives”, “The Newton Institute” and the TNI logo.

In 2011, the list of Certified Members passed 200 having grown threefold since SSR. A formal complaints process was put in place, TNI launched a Facebook discussion group and created the Scholarship Fund.

TNI’s training in 2011 was held in Danville, California, where Michael was coaxed out of retirement one more time. There was a bridging of the generations with a group of students younger by age and diverse by background and experience. The second Strategy Day was held and plans delivered to take TNI into the future. This initiative, known as “The 5 Projects”, covers: a new website environment, continued professional education for members, establishment of the TNI research team, a new system of personal communication between all members and TNI’s leaders and the proposed establishment of local/like clusters of members.

2012 commenced with the fourth Elections to establish a full Board of Directors to lead TNI into the future. So far we have seen progress on the 5 Projects Agenda, with the announcement of our Research Coordinators, the scoping of a technology environment that takes TNI into the future and the request for volunteers to establish our Education Advisory Group. TNI held trainings in Melbourne, Australia in September  and in Lancashire in the UK in October. It is a year in which TNI continues to hand the baton onwards and expand training expertise to the next generation of Instructors.

TNI as an organization has come a long way since a group sat in Michael’s home in 2002 to plan the forming of The Society for Spiritual Regression. Our organization survives on the passionate volunteerism of people across 26 countries. We have established a global training network and a team of Case Reviewers across geographies. We have Mentors in different countries and Facebook Administrators in all time zones.

All this was started by one man’s dedication, curiosity and the search for answers to the great questions about life itself and beyond. The work Michael started is carried on by the Certified Members of the organization that bears his name.

Our role as the next generation of LBL Therapists is to honor the foundation of the work offered to us and deliver it in its traditional form in a unique way that embraces our own authenticity.

Knowing what we do, we understand more than anyone that our souls have drawn us together for this remarkable collective purpose of the TNI soul family.