Past Life Regression hypnosis is a stand-alone therapy in its own right and all TNI Life Between Lives facilitators are qualified and experienced in this methodology before they can take TNI’s LBL training. Past Life Regression (PLR) is not LBL therapy and LBL is not PLR. But a Past Life session is the gateway to the LBL process and it is the first in a two step process by which clients can experience LBL.

Past Life Regression forms a key part of the LBL process on the spiritual journey to Soul Home. LBL clients travel step by step from early memories in this life through experiences gained in past lives and, ultimately, into exploration of the inter-life; the spiritual realm that we can call Soul Home.

So Past Life Regression is very much a part of LBL. But the ability to regress clients to past lives using hypnosis is also a stand-alone process which requires skillful training and practice. Every Life Between Lives practitioner certified by The Newton Institute is already qualified and highly experienced in hypnosis, in this-life and Past Life Regression by hypnosis before they can begin training to become a TNI-certified Life Between Lives practitioner. As well as offering access to current life memories, the subconscious mind stands at the gateway to the super conscious; and to its potential of interaction with the spiritual realm. Residing within this powerhouse is every memory your soul has experienced in its quest to learn, develop and grow.

Past Life Regression offers the opportunity to explore agreements, contracts and relationships made with other souls in previous individual existences and can uncover the roots of habitual behaviors. Life Between Lives spiritual integration then brings all these experiences together in an enlightened overview of who you are as the sum total of all your previous lives – and of your essence as a soul.

Should I experience Past Life Regression prior to my LBL session?

Yes, it is recommended. You will be guided to experience a relatively brief past life as part of the LBL session itself; but an earlier, separate Past Life Regression will familiarize you with the concept of traveling back in time, to earlier memories and your soul’s experiences in former lives.

Everyone is worthy of a deep, powerful and profound Life Between Lives session.  A prior Past Life Regression session can enable the LBL experience to be all it can be; to confirm that the super conscious can be opened and that you can travel beyond your current incarnation.

It will help you and your LBL practitioner uncover patterns you then wish to explore during the LBL itself.

Is Past Life Regression an integral part of the LBL process?

Yes, because the journey to awaken an understanding of your immortal identity begins with experiencing who you have been before in relation to who you are now. Just as we grow and develop via our current life experiences, so the soul grows and develops with each incarnation.  The journey to the inter-life is one with which your soul is familiar; and the end of each life heralds a new beginning as the next chapter of your soul’s story unfolds.