As a recovering academic and business person I have been to many and diverse types of trainings.  I can easily say that this training was unquestionably the most enjoyable of all that I have attended.  The information that was passed on to us was simultaneously germane and practical.  That is, it was tied faithfully to Dr. Newton’s methodology and also included the anecdotes of actual practitioners in the field.

Adding to this, each of the trainers has been in practice for several years and offered extremely valuable first-hand advice on all types of possible situations that beginning LBL facilitators may encounter.  They also were wonderfully interactive in all aspects of the training experience including mealtime and personal, one-on-one guidance.

On top of the unsurpassed quality of material and training, there was a camaraderie among the participants that was far beyond what I had anticipated.  I came expecting to meet pleasant people, but I left having made 16 new friends (21 counting the five trainers).  The location was inspired, the atmosphere was a shower of mutual trust and support, and the energy was palpable.

As I said in the beginning, this was the most enjoyable training that I have ever attended. – Jerry Joseph, PhD (2013 California training)

The TNI training was thoroughly laid out in structure and content.  And in addition to this outstanding training, I had access to mentoring support while completing my certification process.   I also discovered that access to training and support never ends in Michael Newton’s TNI community, because there is access to group communication where therapists can review achieves or post questions; and other therapists freely share their wisdom and knowledge in a loving, compassionate and supportive way.   I have been trained in many holistic modalities and practices, and there has been no other training that compares to the TNI training and support. It is a tremendous honor to have been trained and certified as a Life Between Lives therapist; I have discovered the LBL therapy I learned to facilitate is the most beneficial therapy I provide to my clients. – Robin Davison (2011 California training)

My training experience with TNI was absolutely first class.  Extremely professional and thorough, but with an overriding energy of love which gave an overwhelming sense of caring and support.  I felt that the information shared between trainers and students was immense.  Every comment and experience from students was valued in a non-judgemental way, some of which were highly amusing!  It was an extremely humbling experience to be part of something as magnificent as this, to be immersed in such profound and sacred energy for a whole five days!  

The venue was perfect.  Comfortable rooms and good food (very important after a full day’s in-depth training).  The training room was big, light and airy with full conference facilities.

I am truly honoured to be part of the collective energy of TNI.  I feel welcomed, comfortable, safe and supported.  It’s like coming home. – Marie Benton (2012 Australia training)

I contacted The Newton Institute (TNI) because I loved the book of Dr.Michael Newton. My wish was to experience a Life between Lives (LBL) session myself. 

Luckily I was accepted for the upcoming LBL Training in England in October 2012 and got my wish fulfilled and so much more.

During our one-week training in Clitheroe, England, we had the whole venue of Eaves Hall for ourselves. The wonderful mansion with surrounding gardens is a magical place to live, share and learn from the skilled TNI Teachers and assistants.  It was well organized in all ways and we all loved it there.

We were 16 students and pairing up for practising the skills was very nice because we worked with the same partner the whole week. The teachers and their team mixed practical issues with other pedagogic methods and this created a very safe and holding environment.

After the training I was offered to have my own mentor. I turned out to be a woman I liked very much. She supported me through my certification process and we shared e-mails about the five written and the one recorded session I was going to submit to The Certification Team. The certification period of nine month was adding more learning and along the way I was supported by my teacher and my mentor.

Now I am certified, I am a proud Full Member of the Newton Institute and listed on the TNI website under ”Find a Therapist”. I have lots of referrals through the website.

When I was certified I received greeting from new colleagues all over the world in the closed e-group where students and full members of TNI are sharing information.

If you are attracted to the Work of Dr. Michael Newton, have at least two years’ experience of hypnotherapy and your soul is longing to make a difference in the World don’t hesitate to contact the Newton Institute! It might change your life, too. – Rita Borenstein, Stockholm, Sweden (2012 European training based in the UK)