Anya Fletcher

General Information

  • Main Phone +41 78 405 09 74


    Zurich 8008

  • Zürich
  • Switzerland

  • Phone: +41 (0)78 405 0974

  • Alternate Phone: +44 (0)7 504 4545 56

    Moscow, Russian Federation

Practice Description

  I am very appreciative and grateful to work as a Life Between Life Spiritual Regression therapist. I have the desire to inspire others to experience and expand their inner realm. Here they can understand that they are immortal beings and explore a place of love and peace where the Source is guiding and supporting them always. The Source is within us and we all are part of this beautiful loving, healing and powerful energy. I have so much passion for encouraging people to believe in their own strength and assisting them in connecting with their inner power so they can make the changes to transform and live more fulfilling lives.






  • English

  • Russian


and Healing

Life Between Lives
Therapist: TNI, UK

Past Life Regression and Quantum
Healing Hypnosis Therapy: Dolores Cannon Academy, UK

Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy: UK

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy: UK

Reconnective Healing: Dr. Eric
Pearl, Italy

Psychotherapy and Medicine

Clinical NLP Practitioner: UK

Advanced Diploma in Counselling and
Psychotherapy: UK

Diploma in Psychology: Moscow, Russia

Diploma in Nursing: Moscow, Russia


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