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    The Braithe Center

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  • 10169 Sidbury Road

    Wilmington, North Carolina 28411

  • United States

  • Phone: 910-620-0110

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Bryn Blankinship, CMHt, CI is the Executive Director for the Braithe Center in the coastal town of Wilmington, NC.  She is a best-selling author and award-winning Certified Master Hypnotherapist, International Hypnosis and LBL Instructor with 20 years of experience as a hypnotherapist.  Her practice focuses on transpersonal and clinical hypnotherapy, past life, and spiritual regression to assist clients in moving forward in their lives with greater clarity and fulfillment.

Bryn helps clients and students to recognize that we hold the answers within to our own healing to assist them in changing behaviors and achieving success in all areas of their lives.  Each session is uniquely tailored to the specific goals of the client as she leads them on a journey of self discovery and healing.  Hypnosis is a wonderful way to transform limiting beliefs or habits, while past life and spiritual regression are powerful ways to connect with and explore one's spiritual self.

Her practice is located at The Braithe Center..a spiritual farm surrounded by wetlands and wildlife is a quiet space for breathing new life into souls.  

Bryn developed and teaches HypnoSkillsets and HypnoRegression (current and past life) hypnosis certification to an international student base giving her students the foundation needed to start their own practices  Many of her students have gone on to hold key positions in hypnosis organizations such as The Newton Institute. Her courses are certified through the International Association of Counselors & Therapists (IACT) and are also approved by The Newton Institute's Alliance Training Program.

Her book "The Limitless Soul: Hypno-Regression Case Studies into Past, Present & Future Lives"" was released by Lewellyn Worldwide Publishing in June 2019, making Amazon's #1 Hot New Release List.  She has been a guest on many popular radio shows and is also a contributing author to several books including TNI's "Wisdom of Souls," Michael Newton's "Memories of the Afterlife," and Brian Weiss' "Miracles Happen."  

Check out her website www.BrynBlankinship for more info.
FB: @BrynBlankinshipBraitheCenter
Instagram: brynblankinship



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Bryn's HypnoSkillsets and HypnoRegression certification courses are approved by:
- TNI's Alliance Training program 
- International Association of Counselors & Therapists (IACT)  

-"The Limitless Soul: Hypno-Regression Case Studies into Past, Present &Future Lives"

Contributing author to:
- "Wisdom of Souls" by The Newton Institute
- "Memories of the Afterlife" by Michael Newton
- "Miracles Happen" by Brian Weiss
- "Flipside" by Rich Martini (featured)

Featured in several film documentaries and over 60 radio interviews regarding past life, Life Between Lives and Soul Expression Spiritual Regression.  

Newton Institute:
Bryn served on the original board of TNI for 7 years and as an Int'l Lead LBL Instructor for many years working closely with Michael Newton and other board members to develop and implement core procedures and training protocols.  She received the prestigious Peggy Newton Award for Outstanding Service in 2014.  

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