Deborah Bromley

General Information

  • Main Phone 01234 212930



  • Village location close to Bedford

Practice Description


I regret that I'm not accepting any new clients for LBL at this time (from April 2021). Please visit my website for details and information about other resources that are available.


My practice is located in a quiet village on the outskirts of Bedford, close to the main rail line (East Midlands and Thameslink ) from St Pancras, London and various locations in the North of England. It also affords quick access from Luton airport. It is about 20 minutes from J13 of the M1, convenient for car travel. Clients coming from abroad who need hotel accommodation; I can advise you about suitable hotels. It is possible and successful to carry out the LBL in your hotel room and this sometimes makes it easier for clients and a more relaxing experience. Whatever is the best way for you - we can discuss and decide. 

I trained in 2004 in Holland so I have been facilitating LBLs for about 16 years. I will prepare you carefully for your LBL using specifically designed hypnosis tracks, ensuring you are able to achieve the level of trance and focused awareness required for a successful session. Your preparation will be designed individually so you can get the best out of your LBL.

I am a Hemi-Sync recording artist and understand how their binaural beats audio technology can help clients to practice deep levels of trancework prior to coming for an LBL.



  • English


I hold a BSc in Environmental Science and a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis.

I have been qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist for over 20 years and specialise in my practice with women's issues including weight control, depression, anxiety and confidence. 

I have created and voiced the Hemi-Sync titles: Creating a Positive Future (2018), Slimmer and Healthier: Creating a Slim, Healthy Body for Life (2019) and Calm and Peaceful (2020). Binaural beats audio technology helps to achieve deep levels of enhanced awareness that promote many health benefits. Visit for more information.

Visit my dedicated website at for more information about how to lose unwanted weight and gain all the benefits from working inside yourself on the behaviours, thoughts, emotions and beliefs associated with struggling to lose weight.

LBL can be a life-changing process, one that teaches us why we have chosen a specific body and what we are here to achieve. LBL can also contribute to understanding about struggles with weight and body image. Once this important understanding is brought into conscious awareness, often when you visit the 'Place of Life Selection' it's possible to have a clearer idea of your future and your destiny and how to heal this part of your life.

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