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  • Phone: 410-819-8835

  • Alternate Phone: 410-934-4139


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Jimmy E. Quast has been a practicing hypnotherapist since 1993. He is currently the sole proprietor of Easton Hypnosis in Easton, Maryland. Jimmy holds a bachellors degree from NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY, and a graduate degree in clinical hypnotherapy from THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF HYPNOTHERAPY.Jimmy Quast began his career as the sole provider of hypnotherapy in the U.S. Virgin Islands. He worked there for 8 years in a standard medical office with 2 physicians and a nurse practitioner. His successful interventions with "difficult-to-treat" (frequently labeled "incurable") conditions is well documented by that medical staff. Jimmy has specialty certifications in hypnotic anaesthesia, childbirth hypnosis, past-life hypnotherapy, and Life Between Lives hypnotherapy. He is an instructor for the Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy (TNI), and also served TNI as its Certification Officer for over 5 years. As Certification Officer, Jimmy oversaw the final review of new trainees before TNI certified them as new Life Between Lives Therapists. 

Jimmy has developed a positive reputation for his work with clients who have troublesome emotions that seem disproportionate to the situations that trigger them. This includes problematic fear, anger, anxiety, sadness, and guilt. According to Jimmy, when our souls choose to incarnate with these challenges, in most cases it simply means we are ready to face them and resolve them, and very likely it is one of our current life goals to do exactly that. 
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