Peter Smith

General Information

  • Main Phone 425704230


    Location Name

  • Location Description
  • The Kangaroo Ground Centre, , 25 Donaldson Road

    Kangaroo Ground (North Warrandyte), Victoria 3097

  • Australia

  • Phone: 0425 704 230


  • English


Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy
Certified LBL Therapist 
Training Instructor for The Newton Institute
Peter has been practicing LBL since 2005. Since that time he has worked for The Newton Institute training therapists for them in different parts of the world. Peter has appeared on television and radio both in Australia and overseas in his role as President of The Newton Institute, and is one of the contributing authors to "Memories of the Afterlife". 
Peter founded the Institute for Quantum Consciousness ( to research, offer and teach to others the blending of  Altered States of Consciousness with some of the basic principles of Quantum Physics. 
His latest book "Quantum Consciousness - Expanding your personal universe" has reached audiences around the world and Peter is a sought after speaker on consciousness work. 
Peter's earlier work included the creation of Hypnoenergetics - a modality that blends energy and consciousness with Hypnotherapy. He has taught these techniques to many in Australasia and he is the author of  "Hypnoenergetics - The Four Dimensions". 
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