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  • Main Phone 901-233-8669


    The Center For Spiritual Healing

  • This is a wellness center that I am a founding partner of grounded in Spiritual Guidance and Creative Visioning in New York City
  • 5 Devoe St.

    Brooklyn, New York 11211

  • United States

  • Phone: 901-233-8669

    Manhattan Location

  • Upper East Side. Part time location. Please reach out for booking.
  • New York, New York 10021

  • United States

    Memphis, TN

  • Visiting every 6-8 weeks, scheduling clients and organizing group events. Text or email me to find my next scheduled visit to book a session together. Adjusted rates for this region.
  • Memphis, Tennessee 38104

  • United States

    Anywhere and Everywhere

  • Online Sessions Offering video to video sessions through Zoom and Skype.
  • Global , United States

    New York
  • United States

Practice Description

Travis grew up in Memphis, TN. He went to university in Providence, Rhode Island to study painting at Rhode Island School of Design. After keeping a studio practice for some years, he discovered that the images and dream like narratives that were coming forward in the paintings were pointing a way towards a different path. After some time as a healer, he sees his work as a painter as essential and extremely interconnected with his skills and interests as a soul and spiritual healer.

Travis is the Director of Membership for The Michael Newton Institute. He has an intention to give back to the community for the furthering evolution of the legacy of Dr. Michael Newton. He assisted as an instructor in training at the LBL training in Italy 2019.

Travis continues to learn and broaden his understanding of life and healing to guide others to heal, release, and awaken their hearts and minds to the ultimate nature of each person's source and destiny. The hope being to reconnect the consciousness of humanity to the compassion nature emanating from the Source of creation. The work of Life Between Lives offers a beautiful path of insight to help reawaken to our immortal identity. Travis has spent time mapping and personally exploring these fields of alignment to better navigate and reflect an honest and direct mirror for the spiritual realms of reality and the transcendent qualities found therein to be useful in our ordinary lives. Travis trained with the Michael Newton Institute Alliance Trainers beginning in 2014, and also has a deeply dedicated focus on broadening the field of this work to include other perspectives of healing and therapy. Travis has done this by training in traditional Spiritual Healing that is deeply rooted in the yogic and western esoteric traditions. This led him to the Spirit Mind Family Constellations work better known as Spiritual Constellations. When he first discovered this work, he was drawn to its universal language that spoke directly to his experience guiding others in Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy. Travis has also studied with groundbreaking psychologists who are researching and blending Western and Eastern mind perspectives to integrate positive psychology with the qualities and methodologies of stabilizing awakened awareness while clearing obstacles from the sacred reality linked closely with our everyday world. Specifically, he is practicing Dzogchen meditation from the Tibetan Bon Tradition Lineage. Travis is also interested in our inner mythologies, symbols, archetypes, and dreams that create our worlds of experience in relation to the meaning we make and discern in our lives. He is very much hoping to bring the understanding and unconditional love we find in the spirit realm between our lives to effect and enhance our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical lives on Earth. He is in the early stages of studying with a world renown imagery teacher to better navigate the constructs we each hold and create that have been influenced from our childhood, family, past incarnations, and cultural influences. Overall, Travis is dedicated to creating a uniquely responsive healing relationship with each person meeting them culturally and psychologically while also embracing a broad understanding of mind and illness to help each person easily access the sacred world in a stable and integrative way. Ultimately, all of this work is with an intention to be of service in a world surfacing deep trauma opening to deeper layer of compassion and awakening to a new consciousness for humanity.



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