Our New Logo

As a deep sign of respect to our passing founder Dr Michael Newton, TNI (The Newton Institute) rebranded to become the Michael Newton Institute (MNI) in 2021.  With the change of name the release of a new look logo and branding was launched to inspire a new future for our Institute.

Our new logo represents….

  • Orb shape – Touching the other side to gain wisdom and insight, as well as representing ‘being on Earth’.
  • Fine Coloured Rings – Repeated incarnations and dimensions that are all interconnected building upon our growth and development.
  • Bright Star and smaller coloured orbs – Spirits light. Your expanded consciousness, immortal identity and higher guidance shining through. A reminder of how you are supported always by the beauty and diversity of the spirit world to which you will return.
  • Blue Layered Textures – Represent the different depths of awareness and consciousness that we can access.

We hope that our refreshed look will inspire people to seek the beauty of LBL Wisdom.

The MNI logo aims to inspire people to seek connection with the spiritual world and their own immortal identity as an expanded consciousness, so they may find understanding of their own evolution and the purpose of their current incarnation.


Our History

MNI as an organization has come a long way since a small group sat in Michael’s home in 2002, to plan the forming of an organization. We have a rich organisational history spanning more than 20 years.

MNI survives on the passionate volunteerism of our LBL Facilitator community, and on generous donations from passionate supporters who’s lives have been changed by this work.

Our previous name The Newton Institute (TNI), and our branding served TNI and our mission very well.  We respectfully retire this branding with love in 2021, as we move our organization forward.


Our Future

Now more than ever we understand that people in the world seek answers, solace and connection with a greater purpose.  We are excited about how MNI can continue our Mission.

So much more is now emerging … watch this space.

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